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But Ash’s fantasy was inexhaustible, and I spent the day on the bed

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again – my hands were tied to the opposite corners of the headboard, while my legs were tied to the strut and turned up, bending me in half.
When Ash finally returned, the blood had long since been drained from my legs, and to feel how he fucked me was entertaining – in the sense that I didn’t feel almost anything below the belt.
The rest of the week was spent in the usual boredom – I was chained to the post again, and the whole room was at my complete disposal.

I read the second round thriller, which left me Ash, and wondered what else the opportunity may be provided to me in a renovated house upstairs.
There was nothing to think about contacting the workers — Ash took care of this.
I myself had to end this slave life, which was not foreseen neither end nor edge.
I didn’t know what was waiting for me, but mentally I was preparing for decisive actions when – and if – there would be an appropriate time.
Will Ash place his wire in the hallway again? Or will something change? I did not know.
The very thought of a possible rebellion terrified me.
I suffered too many terrible beatings, so as not to understand how it could end in case of failure.
All my previous trials would have seemed nothing compared to what Ash would have invented for me for such an extraordinary act as an attempt to escape.
Saturday morning was mild and warm when Ash brought me out of my dungeon.
He did not bother himself with the former construction of the chains on his wrists and ankles, explaining that today I am in for serious cleaning and that I need to get to every corner.
At the same time, my ankles were still locked into bracelets that were connected with a half-meter chain, and the middle of which, in turn, was connected with another chain to the front of my belt.

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Whatever he thought about hard-to-reach places, he didn’t fail again to fix a steel strip with two plugs between my legs.
During these two weeks I have already lost the habit of them, and the feeling of fullness excited me.
Since my previous visit, the kitchen has changed.
With a new cutting table and sink, with a cupboard and vinyl flooring, it was unrecognizable – although the table, chairs and small windows slightly spoiled the final result.
The whole house was decorated with oriental carpets, and the walls with the ceiling were painted anew.
Everything smelled of paint and new carpet – not the worst mix that gave the atmosphere, despite the old furniture, the atmosphere of novelty.
Following Ash, I walked into the hallway, and my heart fluttered when I saw the wire on the carpet, which he again stretched along the carpet from one end of the corridor to the other.
Again, the end of the retracting wire was fastened to my collar, after which I proceeded to work – to clean up after the builders.
Concrete dust was everywhere, and the carpet, though new, needed to be properly vacuumed.
I decided to try to run at the first opportunity, hoping that Ash would sit down to watch some sport on TV in the afternoon.
So far I have been busy working on the kitchen, removing pots, pans and dishes from the shelves before washing inside the cabinets.
Ash clearly put it all on the dusty shelves with the expectation that Jen Slave would come later to get out.
This gave me a wonderful reason to manage in the drawers of the table as well, having found there a pair of strong scissors – which I hoped could cut the metal tongue with which the wire was attached to the tape measure.
Time dragged on unbearably slowly.
Ash now and then appeared in the kitchen, preparing dinner for himself, but not offering me a crumb.
I am almost used to it.
My stomach has long subsided my appetites, and I lost a few pounds from stress and hunger strikes — but being among the food I was not allowed to touch was much more difficult.
This further strengthened my resolve.
Chapter 8 In one, Ash was right – no matter what secret thoughts I cherished, I should have kept them with me.
What meant absolute submission to this man.
I came to this conclusion very quickly, while the pain in all parts of my body was growing rapidly.
The load on my wrists painfully stretched my arms, and after the first hour, it seemed to me that the shoulders were about to jump out of the joints. Hot live sex cam.

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