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Husband and wife live sex.
These fantasies sometimes lead us very far away, but trying to translate these fantasies into reality isn’t that tempting.
I walked over and whispered in my ear: “Come on, try spinning this kid for a big discount – he is ready to eat you:”.
My wife looked back at the seller, then she looked into my eyes and I saw in them the very devilish light that I saw during our games.

“Come on,” she whispered to me.
We began to bargain with the seller, doubling the price immediately, and the wife, looking at the guy, and not in the mirror, twisted her hips, flexed the cat’s back, set the legs shoulder-width apart and bent down, as if doing gymnastic exercises.
Streych was above all praise; he showed the wife’s figure from the best side, the Azeri shopkeeper shook his head, not agreeing to such a big discount, but didn’t take his eyes off the walking hips as a cunning seductress.
It remained to press one more time and our discount, and I decided: “They are small to you,” I said, as if to my wife, but mostly for the seller, so that he would be afraid of leaving such a beautiful customer, “they fit so that the panties can be seen.”
So it was- panties slightly bulged out.
The seller said that the size of one, just need a seamless underwear: I suggested, “let’s discount, and the wife measures the pants without panties, on a naked body.”
The seller at first froze stunned by such a proposal, and then, seeing that the beautiful customer was ready to undress, he waved his hand and said “I agree.”
My wife took off her pants, turned her back on us and, looking at the seller, took off her panties.
Azer gasped and began to breathe faster without taking his eyes off the backside of my beauty.

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And the wife slowly pulled on her trousers, being excited by this process.
“May I help?” – I suggested to her.
“Come on,” she replied.
I turned to the boy and suggested: “If you sell black at the same price, you can help me measure:” Azer said “take it away” and stumbled to my wife to help me with fitting.
Azeri almost salivating stroked his thighs and buttocks of my wife, put his hand on the mound between his legs and began to slightly press his fingers into the body: My blessed was already excited by such fantasies while awake, and began to moan from pleasure, closing his eyes and swaying slightly.
I, too, was excited to the limit, came up, hugged her shoulders and began kissing parted, moaning lips.
It turned out that I hugged my shoulders and kissed lips, and Azer was stretching an ass covered with stretch.
Infinitely it could not continue, it was necessary either to stop or go to the next level: First, the wife could not stand “Fuck me,” she said quietly, but much louder than it was required for me to hear.
“I won’t give it away for nothing” I thought and said to the boy: “If you want to fuck, give me pants.”
“Take” hissed the seller and became shaking hands to unbutton his trousers on my

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“And the condom?” – I asked.
“Yes, everything is,” he whispered and pulled the dark packaging out of the back pocket of his trousers.
His wife turned to him, took the package out of shaking hands and, while he unzipped his pants, deftly opened it with her teeth.
She turned to me, smiled, and said, “Look so that no one will go.”
I understood and went behind the curtain, I will be on my own, I will receive it at home.
But he couldn’t stand it; he looked like there: My devout, like a real whore, deftly put a prezik on a member of Azer (the penis was not big but heady) and turned around, sticking out her bare ass, and put her palms on her knees.
Azer put his hands on the waist beautiful and immediately drove a member.
My wife made a short gurgle sound and a long hollow moan.
Azer, not paying attention to all these noises, vigorously fucked my wife, slapping her buttocks.
It took only 3-4 minutes, as Azeri began to shake all over with her whole body and howl quietly, and her wife groan and chatter her teeth with a shiver, and then laugh, a sure sign of a strong orgasm. Husband and wife live sex.

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