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She believes him, becomes attached to him more and more every day: to his caresses, playful teases, to stories about his beautiful country, about which he speaks with such love, to his hoarse voice and little birthmark on his neck ear, which she wants to kiss every time he squeezes her in his arms.
She loves him and anxiously waits for him to stop taking care of her and make her truly his own.
Maybe then, the longing that has settled inside will disappear, and she will understand what is the meaning of her life now?

The lizard, this time, was fast asleep, even though the evening had come, it was still sweetly sniffing around Ani.

She slept, sleepily clinging her ass to a warm and large lizard.
Waves of calm and strength emanated from him – next to him the girl was not afraid of anything and quietly snuffled, sometimes smacking her lips in a dream.
When he woke up, the lizard squeezed in Ani’s arms and decided to wake her up in an even more pleasant way.
He crawled under the blanket and pressed his nose to her tender lips, breathing warmly on them and gently licking them with a rough tongue.

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The girl had a bright and strange dream.
She flew among the stars and rainbows, and she was so pleased.
Everything is nicer and nicer.
The stars flashed, she woke up and realized that between her legs everything was already burning and pulsing from the approaching orgasm, because.
Because the gentle and rough tongue of the lizard and slides between them! – Aaaaaaaahhhhh !!! – Ani quietly sighed and arched arc of pleasure.
Lizard cleverly slipped a long tongue into the bosom passionately licking every centimeter.
He pressed his nose tightly against the pink lips, purred loudly, thereby creating a pleasant vibration.
– Mmmm.
Hwaatite !!! – The girl seemed to be carried away on the waves of pleasure.
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