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Lesha stroked my groin over the silk panties, and Slavik crumpled my buns.
We drank an acquaintance and were beautiful for us, and then when the guys realized that we were not going anywhere, we were offered to continue communication somewhere else.
We agreed and left the disco.

Another place was the city park.
Although of course it was simply called a park, as it was rather a bit ennobled and fenced with a rusty fence of the woods.
We found an empty gazebo with partially broken benches, but the remaining ones were quite enough for us to sit down.
The guys poured wine into plastic cups and handed out to us, so to speak more correctly.
Five to ten minutes later, Irina had already kissed a hickey with one of the cadets, and Ole squeezed her chest.
Me as the most accessible, based on the story of my friends, they decided not to cook too much, but simply bent cancer on the perilla arbor.

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My skirt in an instant was turned up, and my panties were stupidly pushed aside.
I leaned my hands on the railing and as it turned out in time.
I felt like someone (I do not even know who exactly) spread my ass and abruptly entered my girl.
I began to wiggle rhythmically under the movements of a member who was being driven into me, habitually taking on a male nature.
I was already fucked by the second person, when at last next to me, I appeared in an unbuttoned blouse and with a lowered bra Irina, who, also standing with cancer, focusing on the railing, began to sniff and sway under the action of the frictions of one of the cadets.
Her breasts swayed to the beat of her boy fucking.
I looked down and saw that Irina’s pants and panties were taken off completely, and a blouse with a bra were essentially the only clothes on her besides shoes.

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Come on, fuck Natasha in two bows – someone said me and quickly, without pulling a member from my pussy, turned to the center of the gazebo.
Immediately I saw, squatting and sucking someone’s dick, Olya and, following her example, took a member in my mouth that appeared before me.
I allowed myself to fuck from behind and sucked everyone indiscriminately, like my girlfriends, who also stood in the most comfortable posture.
I do not know how many people fucked me, but from pussy flowed.
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