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“Hey, she’s jerking off her breasts!” The guys whispered excitedly, pushing each other. “Sashka, your hot mother is jerking off!” That word struck me, I didn’t know what to do, it was very embarrassing, but I immediately stopped paying attention.
Mom was already squeezing her nipples so hard that it was obvious that her fingers were straining, and it seemed to her face that she would now cry out in pain.
At the same time, she no longer stood just in place, but stepped over with beautiful dance shoes, pressed one leg to the other, squatted a little, bending her knees.

I could not tear myself away from what was happening, it was both embarrassing and exciting even for me.
I realized that something had happened because my mother’s face had changed.
Eyes opened wide, fear and tension appeared in them.
And only after that I saw that two guys entered the room, and then another.
They did not close the door, but already began to feel free to undress, not noticing their mother.
I wanted to hope that maybe they will now change clothes and leave, and everything

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will finally end.
But when five people came in, the latter closed the door behind him.
Mom was in front of everyone! I heard some kind of guttural exclamation and froze, waiting for what would happen and thinking only about how now my mother is probably ashamed that they see her without a bra! “How so! Why didn’t she leave on time? Well, now stands in this form in front of the guys! And she wanted it! And she took off her panties from under her skirt? Suddenly they will see it too? ”And then what started was to begin.

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I wanted to leave, but I could not.
And he could not turn away.
I turned away for a second, but then I looked again.
And everyone watched, speechless.
And what happened there, I can not forget.
And everyone saw it! I wanted to fall through the ground from what they later said about my mother, every time they saw her or simply remembered! I tried to explain that my mother did not go to dance after that incident! But this could not change anything.
It was already past midnight when Anastasia was returning home.
The exams are finally over, along with the next school year.
Ahead there were very pleasant prospects for the summer.
Nastya abruptly turned the corner and immediately grabbed the wall when the wine hit her head.
Perhaps it was not worth drinking so much, but in the society of Olesya one glass was replaced by another completely unnoticeable.
How much did they drink? Two bottles? Or three? Nastya, despite her best wishes, could not remember.
She only knew that she had gotten pretty drunk and was now going home to her bed to sleep off.
Heels smoothly clatter over the asphalt.
Nastya tried to direct all her attention to this measured nod, fascinating with its monotony.
But the asphalt was replaced by earth – it was necessary to go through the yard to reduce the distance.
Nastya was looking exclusively at her feet and the lingering moan did not immediately reach her consciousness.
And only when Anastasia realized that it was she who heard, only then did she stop.
And she began to listen.
Less than ten seconds later, a moan repeated.
Full of passion, but muffled, squeezed.
Nastya finally understood where the sound was coming from.
Straight ahead along the path was the entrance, over which a bright lamp was burning.
And five meters before him there were two benches one opposite the other, surrounded by bushes.
The such arbor turned out hidden from casual eyes.
And now, on the bench nearest to Nastya above the bushes, a guy’s head was sticking up, walking back and forth in a regular way. Indian hidden cam sex latest.

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