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Inside camera sex video.
I offered to strip.
But Denis and Sergey said that it was somehow banal and old.
They offered to play on desire.

The one who loses, fulfills the desire of the one who won, t.
out of the game first.
My wife almost never plays cards, and here she’s still drunk.
In short, she lost the first game.
In addition, everyone tried to fill it up, as they say.
))) In the literal and figurative sense.
And Sergei won.
“What does he guess?” – I thought.
“Anya, honey.
Take it, try it on and come out to us.
We’ll see if we guess with the size, ”said Sergey and handed a small package to my wife.
Wife retired to the next room.
I was very intrigued by what was happening.
“And what’s in there?” – I asked.
“Nothing special.
Little Present “- Denis replied.
“Come on guys, what gifts” – I tried to argue against such a manifestation of generosity.
“Well, well, don’t worry, you will be fine, you will like it,” Sergei patted me on the shoulder. Inside camera sex video.

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