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“Yes, thank you, Igor” – Irina stood and waited for the touch of his hands as something unearthly.
Here he slowly takes off his coat, Irina feels his breath from behind and a shiver creeps over her back.
“So, quietly, Ira, pull yourself together, did not have enough for this young insolent person to understand everything,” Irina reasoned herself.

“Igor, why did you come?” – Irina tried to give her voice a calm tone, but the notes of arousal were heard in her voice, intertwined with still intermittent languid breathing.
“Yes, Irina Nikolayevna, have you forgotten that you promised to see my draft project for the establishment of tourist trips to African countries?” – Igor calmly stood and smiled at Irina.
That smile was the last straw.
“No, I didn’t look, there wasn’t time, and today I’ve had a complete workload.
If you want Igor, then.
you can throw me home in the evening, sit at tea and discuss everything ”- Irina already blamed herself for such teenage naivete in her thoughts.
But suddenly she got the answer: “Well, what time to pick it up?” “Come on at 18.
00 and do not be late ”- said Irina.
Igor left the office, but for a long time the train of his perfume was in the office of the boss, driving her crazy.
All day Irina could not find a place for herself, it seemed the day lasted unbearably long.
Finally it was the end of the working day.
Exactly at 18.
00 Igor went to the boss and dressed, they went to the parking lot.
While traveling to Irina’s home, she thought all the way about how to behave in the company of this young man, how not to lose her commanding appearance. Massive natural boobs on curvy cam girl.

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