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Or did he end yesterday when he saw my body and did not go to the shower? Extending the gag reflex, I grabbed his buttocks with his hands.
So it was easier for me to

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control the length of penetration of his rebellious member into my mouth.
It was something.

Serezin was very large, but the neighbor was just a monster.
Let’s start with the fact that the head was barely placed between my lips, in fact I didn’t even need to compress them! Long fuck truth pumped up.
On the strength of 15 cm, but the thickness? In addition, he absolutely did not shave his crotch.
It seems never.
Powerful thickets covered everything around, hairy were the eggs and even the skin of the penis near the root.
I pulled her away.
– Do not touch, bitch, never touch the male ass, whore.
Otherwise I’ll break you all the way, hole! Do you understand? – He grabbed my fingers, twisted them so that I collapsed at his feet with a cry and continued, “Well, you quickly said who you are and what you did wrong!” Alive fucking! “I’m a bitch,” sobs choked me, but he twirled my fingers a little more and I continued through my own howl, “I’m a hole.”
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– For some ass, fuck! Behind the ass, slut! Repeat! – I am a slut and I can not touch the men in the ass.
– And now with cancer.
Cancer, I said, fagot! And suck! I tried to free my hand, but he did not let go, so I had to look for a pose in which I could take his cudgel in my mouth and still keep my fingers unbroken.
He also enjoyed my humiliation, bending my fingers so that I had to move away from him, almost losing the contact of the mouth with his head, and at the end of the torture he turned my hand out so that even with his neck and tongue stretched out lightly licked the tip of his penis, as he demanded with a scolding that I did not stop.
Finally he got tired of it, he grabbed my ears and immediately pushed his cudgel into my throat.
I immediately suffocated, began to beat him with my hands, but he, not paying attention to my rattles, simply forced me not even into my mouth – into my throat.
Something did happen to the hike, because I was able to sigh, despite the sore throat.
– Well, now you are a professional nipple, you can even give the esophagus.
Good fuck! I really had something to breathe.
And then a strange thought flashed through my mind – I can now and Seryozhu so satisfy.
The neighbor realized that I felt better because he unexpectedly came out, slapped a slap in my ear with a sweep (which put me in place) and, grabbing my hair, dragged me out of a toilet filled with a bunch of smells.
“Well, you are a stinker, bitch! I did not manage to spread my legs and the first meter just drove on the priest, turning over the heels, but then I first ran on all fours, and at the entrance to the hall I was already following him with cancer, sticking out my ass and spreading my legs wider, as a neighbor holding my hair at a level just above the knees. Mature nude cam.

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