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When Natalia sucked my head, I only thought about how now I would tear up my wife.
I finished just a minute.
When the thick streams began to beat Natasha in the throat, she protractedly moaned, and then I only noticed that all this time she was no less violently torturing her vagina with her fingers.

In her warm mouth, my dick came to life literally immediately.
I have not experienced such lust for my wife for a long time.
We literally intertwined in the lustful tangle of bodies and juicy fucked like institutes.
A member of a thick steel rod rammed the insatiable spouse’s vagina, while I bit and sucked the swollen caps of Natasha’s nipples with delicious breasts.
(With soft round thighs, my wife gently hugged me while I, growling like a beast, poured sperm on her insides.

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Well, that she did not quit taking pills.
Natasha’s screams, probably heard the whole area.
I don’t know how our neighbors slept, because our crazy carousel in the style of “let me suck you up, and then you get me back again” lasted until two in the morning.
The last time Natalia went round me from above.
My already practically empty eggs slapped on her elastic ass, and her hands squeezed her breasts kissed to redness.
Having finished with a sweet moan, we lay down tiredly on the bed and fell asleep in a dead sleep.
The next morning it was scary to look at me – circles under the eyes and contented, like a cat’s on a carnival, face.
My wife was cheerful and in a great mood, having kissed me, flew off to work.
The day began gorgeous.
Diary of Dr. Margulis.
Record fourth.

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Today I also went to work fun.
At home everything was getting better, everything was fine at work.
Birds are singing, the sun is shining, endorphin and oxytocin regularly enter the blood.
Literally ottarabaniv working day, I sat and waited for my patient.
Elena appeared late and very pleased.
– You are in a wonderful mood today, Elena.
It is wonderful.
– You, I watch too, doc.
And I see that you took my advice.
How many times did you finish yesterday? – Elena, you confuse me.
About 6 times.
– Wow.
Is your wife satisfied? – And how.
Thank you for the advice! And now, perhaps, let’s start.
(Dictaphone recording number 3) – Tell me, Elena, that’s what.
My suspicion creeps in that you are comfortable with the current state of affairs.
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