Mechta ge bongacams.

Mechta ge bongacams.
We talked nicely for about an hour.
She managed, as a true journalist, to accommodate the whole story about herself at this meager time.
There was nothing special about him.

Itself from Krasnodar.
She graduated from Jourfak.
Then a penny job in journalism.
The fee for the first (very good book – I read later).
Apartment in the mortgage, repair, moving the mother and child from the first marriage.
Debts, debts, debts.
The lover is rich, but greedy, who has been feeding with promises to marry for four years.
Invented meetings for money with couples.
(Since it is safer than with loners).
Studying the Internet, but there is no sense from this yet.
I remember that my husband then smiled and said: “You are clearly not a marketer! If you really want customers, lower the bar to 200-300 dollars.
She was terribly embarrassed and said that she thought that only “elite” (as she put it) couples would go to her

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for 700, and for 200 – everything.
We paid and went, as in the case of the “sly beauty” on the “Bryusov”.
Everything was great in my opinion.
She was gentle and shy.
She was amazingly beautiful breasts, very maiden-looking and delicious ass.
She is naive (knowing that we are paying her money for sex) rushing between both of us, trying to have time to caress and not offend anyone with inattention, but then we stopped her and calmed her down.

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They offered to just relax and follow us and your desires.
And they obviously had them.
She quickly inflamed and lost control of herself.
I moaned, screamed, asked to be hurt and so on.
and t.
In general, I was with her very well.
And then I looked for the first time in the eyes of her husband.
It was a bit dark in the room, and before that, his face had somehow not fallen into the light.
And what did I see in them ??? Eyes literally suffered! It was just this that flowed from them.
His cheekbones were tense, and this is a sure sign of his extreme irritation and displeasure.
I just froze for a minute! I could not believe my eyes! She looked at his face again and again.
But no, I was not mistaken.
Everything was exactly that and.
very sad.
At this moment the girl’s head rested between my widely spread legs, and he had her behind.
All the excitement subsided from me, as if he had never been.
I gently freed myself, sat down on the side, and began to caress her breasts and nipples with my hands so that she would rather (once again) finish.
When it finally happened, I (under the specious excuse) dragging my husband into the shower, once again, in the bright light, looked into his eyes.
And again, I realized that I was not mistaken.
There was nothing on his face except annoyance and annoyance.
“What’s the matter with you !?” I asked.
“Let’s end it all quickly!” He replied almost viciously.
I didn’t ask anything more so as not to make things worse.
I knew my husband too well to prevent this error.
Quickly dialed from her phone to her husband’s number, she ran to the bedside table and picked up his phone.
Simulated a conversation with the SBI about the alarm system that worked in our home.
We quickly assembled, paid our “writer”, apologized, thanked and rushed home. Mechta ge bongacams.

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