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Model casting sex video. The best! – Lech laughed.
– And let’s go to Svetka now and ask her what are our relations? – my friend winked at me.
We were drunk and excited, so without a twinge of conscience, at six o’clock in the morning, we cornered to the guest bedroom, where Aleksey pulled off the blanket from his sleeping wife.
Naked Sveta through a dream muttered: – Give me a blanket, I sleep.

Alexey did not let up: – And I’m not alone, I’m with Dima.
We want rough sex! Svetlana replied in the same monotonous voice: – Go to sleep until I woke up and woke Kate.
The last argument has had a sobering effect on us, the heat has diminished.
We drank another ryumashka and went to sleep, each to his wife.
In the morning, my head ached terribly.
I partially remembered our nightly conversation, and wanted to continue with Leha the topic that interested me, but he stopped me with a gloomy expression on his face: “I told you too much at night there.”
I was drunk.
You forget it, okay? Of course, I promised to forget everything, but I could not do it.
Thoughts about a betraying cheating wife became my delusion.
Every time during sex with Kate I raised this topic: sometimes she played along with me, sometimes not.
But never fantasies turned into reality.
I also looked for relevant sites on the Internet, let her read.
She read without apparent pleasure or displeasure, like, she just took note.
And when she gave the example of Lesha and Sveta as an example, she said: – What did you compare? They live in Moscow, there are more morals, and no one knows each other. Model casting sex video.

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