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The thug threw her on the table and ordered him not to twitch, then he went up to the mutant woman and said: “So Marinochka, I did what you asked, I brought this normalized one,” the mutant wheezed and approached the woman.
– Yes, my good, now I’m happy, – having said this, Marina hugged him.
Sarah looked with disgust at this, she was not tied up, she sat on a cold table and just watched the scene.

This time Marina was wearing clothes that the burglar began to tear off of her, leaving her naked, he put his paw between her legs and immediately put his finger inside.
Marina began to breathe heavily, the burglar embraced her with one hand and kissed her firmly on the lips.
Sarah almost vomited from what he saw, two huge yellow bodies kissed and hugged.
Meanwhile, Marina pulled away from him and said: “Honey, I want her,” she said, pointing to the girl sitting on the table.
From what Sarah heard, the

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soul went to the heels.
– What, why do you need it? – Mutant asked in surprise.
Marina hugged him and calmly said: – Well, dear, you know that before the war I was interested in girls, and you just watch, and when I finish with her, you can do whatever you want with me.
“Well, but don’t kill her, I need her alive,” said the thug, letting Marina go.
Sarah did not know what to do. She looked with horror as Marina approached her.
The victim clung to the table, and prepared herself, not knowing why.
Marina gently brought her face to Sarah’s face.
“Everything will be fine, the main thing is not to twitch,” Marina whispered.
Sarah calmed down a bit, but her excitement did not let go, she lay down on the table, trusting her yellow friend.
Marina gently ran her hand over the girl’s body and stopped between her legs, which made Sarah start breathing heavily.
Marina spread her legs, began to massage her lips with her huge fingers.

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Sarah expected to be hurt, but Marina was very gentle, and Sarah began to get a little excited.
Then Marina brought her face to her crotch and licked her huge tongue.
Sarah closed her eyes from unusual sensations, while Marina was stroking her legs and licking her pussy.
The thug stood and watched, pulling out his huge cock.
Sarah was already completely devoted to the language of Marina and was already approaching orgasm.
The thug approached from behind to Marina and began to drive a member over her thighs, Marina immediately bent over exposing her crotch, the burglar did not have to wait long, immediately went into it to its full length.
Sarah did not understand what was happening she was at the peak of pleasure, Marina knew her business, she worked the language very skillfully.
In the meantime, the thug had grabbed her by the hips and was pushing her dick into the marina.
Sarah finished first, shouting loudly from pleasure to the whole room.
org) Marina let her go and turned to her partner.
Taking his penis in her hand, she slowly jerked him off and kissed the thug on the lips, sat on her knees in front of him and took a big cock in her mouth, the thug closed his eyes from pleasure and quietly wheezed from pleasure.
Sarah, moving away from a powerful orgasm, saw the whole picture, Marina was on her knees and sucking a member of this huge mutant, who closed her eyes and enjoyed her mouth.
Marina slowly raised her hand and gestured to Sarah at her things.
Sarah slowly descended from the table and went in the direction of the scattered things Marina.
She looked at the bully, but he seemed not to notice anything, Marina tried to distract him as long as possible.
Sarah started poking around in things, groping for a big knife in the case, she slowly pulled him out and walked over to Marina, she took him in her free hand.
Marina looked into her face, a member appeared and disappeared in her mouth, she winked at her, and motioned for him to lie down on the table again.
Sarah obediently climbed on the table, as if nothing had happened.
Marina sharply raised the knife and put it to the base of the member of the thug, who at first did not immediately understand what had happened, but when he saw the sparkling blade, he changed his face three times.
– What are you doing? The mutant asked in a hoarse voice.
– The business, speak, how to open a door, – Marina has resolutely told, having tightly seized the member.
“You will regret it,” the mutant threatened.
– I regret only if you lose your inheritance, and now I repeat once more, how to open the door? – Marina was full of determination.
Sarah instantly ran to the door and dialed the code, the door slowly climbed up. Mom masturbation hidden cam video.

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