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The man gently sucked his dick, licking his head and balls.
In less than five minutes, Denis had finished expressing a sweet moan.
But the man did not stop there.

Pushing Denis’s ass, he ran his tongue over his skin, and making a great effort, even getting a little inside.
And again, Denis got up.
And again Denis’s moans were heard on

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the empty dark entrance.
After a few minutes, four fingers were already free inside the guy.
Denis wriggled, getting real pleasure.
He did not regret at all that he did not take the elevator that evening.
After all, if he had not gone on foot, he would not have met this man, and would not have finished now several times in a row.
And then the stranger got up from the floor, and touched a hot head to Denis’s delicate ass.
The guy is already exhausted, himself clinging to his penis.
Now he most wanted to feel this big and thick member inside.
To ride him and moan like a whore.
And now, the long-awaited moment.
Second, and krehtya, muzhchita enters into it.
Another second, and he is completely inside Denis! The man was fucking the guy in his virgin ass with all his strength.
Denis clung to the cold wall, and made so sweet moans that only listening to them could end abundantly.
A member of Denis stood like a stake, and rubbed against a cold wall, which gave him great pleasure.
And then the man froze, the guy’s bare back.
After a few seconds, Denis felt the dick inside pulsate, and soon out of it flowed sperm.
The man pulled his penis out of him, and bending Denis to himself, put him in his mouth.
The guy diligently licked him, sucking the remnants of sperm, and swallowing them.
With one rue he touched his anus, from which a viscous fluid still flowed.
Without letting Denis finish, the man picked him up and said with a gasp: “All, get dressed and go home.”

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Denis was breathing heavily.
In his head did not fit, how is that? Just like that, he will chase him home? The rapist picked up his clothes from the floor and began to dress without waiting.
while Denis puts on.
Denis picked up his jeans from the floor and quickly began to get dressed.
His whole shirt was in semen, and he had to just pick her up.
– Everything, and if I find out that you told someone about what was here now, I will kill you here.
Denis did not even think of telling someone about what happened, but now he will definitely not decide.
The guy raised his jacket and was about to climb the stairs, as a man pulled him over, and kissed a passionate kiss.
His lips were so tender.
Denis even managed to close his eyes for a second.
Their kiss was prevented by a woman leaving the apartment.
Frightened, Denis recoiled from the man and ran upstairs, and he slowly descended downwards.
Denis came running home.
He felt viscous sperm running down his legs, but there was no strength to go to the bath, and without parade, the guy ran to his room, trying not to wake the already sleeping mother, and shut himself up and fell on the bed.
It was Saturday, late evening.
I, 21 years old, sat at home, with a bottle of light beer at my computer connected to the Internet, just killing time without knowing what to do.
A thousand times with anguish checking your mailbox, discovered a new letter, opened it.
This was a response to a questionnaire published on one of the gay sites.
I liked what was written and I immediately printed the answer and pressing the button waited for the answer: and that was not even 5 minutes, again the letter: after 20 minutes I was already assembled and left the house to go to visit a stranger.
It was not a long drive, and after 40 minutes, I was near the indicated house.
After a short pause, I entered the porch and went up to the required floor, rang the doorbell: – Who’s there? – This is Sasha.
– Great, come in: We drank a bottle of beer, after which Aleksey (that was the name of the apartment owner) said that he would like to take a shower.
– I quickly, he said, while you look around here if you want – Well, I said I looked around the big room, the big bed, the soft armchairs, the home theater, the stack of tapes immediately caught my attention, there were various action films, etc.
, as well as different porn movies (I like to watch porn).
I stood and looked at the tapes when Lesha returned in the same dressing gown and sat on the chair.
– Like? – Yes, I like to watch such films, I replied – Come on, take off your clothes: but what is it, I am almost undressed, and you are fully dressed. My cam fuck live.

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