My little rain bongacams.

My little rain bongacams.
He did not come a year later.
I do not know what happened to him there, but I want to think that he did not go to prison.
My girlfriend recently moved in and I had never been to her new apartment, and then, one day, I went to her – having driven almost to the other end of the city, I went to her high-rise building, but I was in for a surprise – the door was closed for combination lock: Having pounded into it, I waited.

And then a car drove up to the house, – a woman of magnificent forms got out of it, – by sight – 50 to 55 years old, – the taxi driver laid out a lot of bags and packages.
When the car left, the woman looked at the pile in dismay – little and her eyes turned to me.
I understood everything from half a word and offered my help.
Armed with a myriad of junk, we set off to her apartment (since she lived on the third floor).
When we went inside, Aunt Lyuba (as she introduced herself) decided that until she would thank me, she would not let me out.
Quickly setting the table and putting a bottle of brandy, she invited me to sit down.
For a glass, she told me that she had recently moved, that she was a widow, complained about a hard life without a man, etc.
and t.
I tactfully listened to her for a couple of minutes and told me that a girl was waiting for me and that I was already late.
She nodded her head knowingly and offered “to the horse.”
I said that I would be right back and went to the toilet (itch for a little).
Having done my business, having washed my hands, I returned to the table.

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After a glass I suddenly felt dizzy and: I turned off.
When I came to my senses, I was surprised to find that I was lying on the bed, naked and tied to my arms and legs, my legs were divorced, bent at the knees and raised up.
“Well, just like in a gynecological chair,” I thought. “Aunt Lyuba, also naked, was sitting between her legs, and furiously jerked off and sucked my cock, which for some reason stood.
Aunt Lyuba’s finger was in my ass and she wielded it very skillfully.
“Well, woke up?” She asked, looking into my eyes and continuing to pussy and not removing her finger from the anus, “I’m sorry, I really wanted a young man: I mixed a special potion into the last glass and you disconnected” am i tied? – How do I know that you agree? Moreover, I really like to jerk a member of men and stuff a finger in the ass: and I do not know whether you would agree or not: I certainly agreed with the logic of her reasoning

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, but that didn’t improve my situation.
But Aunt Lyuba did not waste her time, she nagged me so skillfully and touched some “strings” in my ass that I realized I would soon finish.
Aunt Lyuba noticed that my penis was swollen and my testicles rose and doubled their efforts.
HER pen flashed on my penis, the finger in the anus worked wonders – and I started to lower – the sperm started shooting with incredible force, Aunt Lyuba put her open mouth up and swallowed it.
When the puss went limp, she jerked my anus a little more and stretched out her finger from the priests: (Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalka! – good advice) – Well, did you like it? – Highly.
Can you untie me? – If you give a word that you will not leave at once and you will obey me: I had no choice but to give a word and promise to be a good girl – especially in the depths of my soul I realized that I like what is happening, in my 18 years I have never was with a woman almost three times older than me.
Aunt Lyuba untied me – I got up and stretched my swollen legs bent over.
A woman came up behind me and began to knead and massage my buttocks to caress the testicles. My little rain bongacams.

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