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Then our forces ended – he instantly fell asleep, and I scooped itchy nipples, stroked the unusual circles of the priests, self-satisfied and fell asleep on his shoulder.
Did I try to pester him? This could have ended sweetly if it were not for the drunken and tired fixed body of Serezha.
True, I’m a little cunning! But remember this.

on the first day of my stormy employment, I sat at night on a jerk, half asleep and naked, got up to pee.
and probably a little nap.
I woke up because Seryoga opened the door and, pulling out a member, went to the toilet.
His eyes were closed, but the tap had already opened and he from the bottom of my heart pissed me off in front.
I had to bend over slightly so that the splashes of his urine did not irrigate everything around him, and he, holding the semi erect penis, pounded me on my chest and stomach.
All this flowed further along my crotch and got to its intended purpose.
Having finished his black business, Seryozha, still sleepy, waved his dick up and down in front of my face, splashing my nose, eyes and hair with the last drops, and then leaned over to the tank, pressed the water release and, moaning something unintelligible, withdrew sleep again.
That’s how we spent these seven evenings – amidst half-drunk delirium, worries about washing and styling a drunken body.
with itchy nipples, aching from the ass, quiet offended tears and konchalkami from silk underwear.
And in the mornings I woke him up with a blowjob (which we already had in the tradition for a long time), but did not get anything at all but a kiss with a cramp from the headache of a loved one. Nude mom hidden camera.

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