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Nudelive asian.
I will soon be missed.
We may be caught here.
You understand what that means? – What, my careless young queen? He whispered sweetly, suddenly slowly running his thumb over the wet little bud between her legs.

Chantal twitched from the bliss that pierced her, raised herself on her elbows and wanted to narrow her legs, but the duke did not allow her to do this, pushing her knee to the side with force.
Without knowing why, she complied and stood still, impatiently waiting for new touches.

Their eyes met again.
The duke slowly ran his tongue on the finger with which he had just caressed the girl.
– You.
you see, ”she swallowed nervously, struggling with her own anxiety,“ that I would have to accuse you of rape if we were caught together. ”
You are executed for it.
You are lower than me by birth, we are not married, and you have no right.
, – Chantal did not finish, because Verlaine’s hot tongue slowly slipped through her blooming flower from uncontrollable passion.
The girl often breathed, flinging her crimson lips open, and mournfully muttered: “Please stop.
– I will be executed only if you sign a decree about my execution.

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I’m sure you can sign it? – calmly whispered smugly Verlaine’s smirking lips and clung to the pulsing pink tubercle between her puffy white petals.
Chantal moaned softly, scattered electric sparks ran across her skin, her body was seized with weakness, and she lay back on the pillows, unable to resist anymore.
Any movement of his lips and tongue made her wriggle with impatience, then freeze from dizzying blissful tension.
She dug into her thin sheets with her sharp, clawed hands, fingered her silky curls, pressed trembling hands to her lips so as not to cry out from her ecstatic delusion.
Verlaine was unhurried, cruelly unhurried.
Nudelive asian.

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