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I will try to make sure that I was again transferred to the house to the main place! Let the new owner admire how Katkina ass will behave when you get acquainted with the rods! I will not let you down! “The heir – Well, the gingerbread house, hello! – Boris received a deserted house from his grandfather, on the edge of the village and a garden by the river itself.
– This is not six acres of gardening, this is a real peasant house and put on

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the land! And the place is good.
On my car, only a half hour drive from the city! At one time, the grandfather-beekeeper did not spare the money and bought varietal seedlings in the nursery, but without proper care, everything went into neglect.

– Gorgeous get cottage! – the boarded up windows saw the light again.
– True, the money for repairs will have to invest is not a measure! At first, the new owner did not pay enough attention to the property in the barn.
There was too much work in the house and garden.
– A good room! – Boris, carefully examined the barn, built of logs.
– From it a chic garage will turn out: the grandfather did all the buildings on his conscience! I will burn all the trash, I will bring an iron gate – it will be cool! “And what about me? – the bench suddenly realized that the prospect of burning was very real.
“I’ll still come in handy!” “And what is this device?” Boris looked at the bench.
He, a city dweller, failed in his childhood to get acquainted with the family heirloom: the city, as we know, is closer to the sofa, and his father’s belt, but from the stories of his mother he knew what it was.

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– Oak firewood in the fireplace – it’s cool! “Well, that’s all,” the bench thought hopelessly, “she waited!” The heir with great enthusiasm began to repair, and the device simply did not reach to cut the device into wood.
But, finally, the bench waited for a happy hour, when it was again used for its intended purpose.
– Interesting, – Boris went out of the house and saw how someone with great diligence was shaking the yellow plum, – who has this come to visit me! Slowly bypassing the barn, he saw that a girl of about fifteen was picking up the plums.
“Thief!” – realized Boris and firmly grabbed a thick pigtail.
– Let go! – she tried to escape, but to no avail.
– And who is it rummaging through alien gardens? – Boris firmly held her, so that she could not escape.
– No, Katyushka? The last time I saw you really baby! – Nobody lives here, and everything is common! – the girl stopped struggling, intending to put down her master’s vigilance in order to give a tear.
“Well, you’re lying,” Boris decided to punish the thief, “the whole village knows that I am the boss here!” By the way, do you remember how the garden robbers are punished in the village? Let’s go to the barn! – Boris remembered the bench.
– Let me go, please! – The girl began to whine, but Boris did not think to let go of the thief.
– Welcome! – Boris unlocked the door, pushing it inside.
“Here and guests came!”, – the bench felt a long-forgotten feeling of fear that filled the barn.
That was how small and not very children, teenage girls, and adult women reacted, intending to stretch out on the family heirloom for deserved punishment.
The bench suddenly really wanted this girl to lay down on the tested board with her naked body, and, spinning on a leash, presented a piece of human warmth.
– Release! – the girl tried to escape again.
– You have no right to punish me! – Let go, you say.
– the man thought.
“Does he forgive, instead of stripping and undoing?” The bench gave a mental order. On cam sex.

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