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I felt like they pressed my ass with a pelvis, which had a member with a clear riser.
I turned around.
The very new boy looked at me, about which I knew at that time that he was from a neighboring military school and was hanging out with short-time employees during the short dismissals.

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off with panties.
Then he sat on the table and knelt before me.
He stroked my cunt gently with his fingers, carefully examining her.
I heard the door slam.
Probably, someone from the laboratory came.
I did not say this to the boy and began to ask to close the door.
And he pushed me to the edge of the table and began to lick my clit, before that, saying quietly with the words: “How I miss you.”
With every touch he touched, his body trembled and warmth sounded.
He then went down below and climbed his tongue into the vagina, then returned again to the clitoris.
Then he got up and tried to kiss my lips, but I turned my face away.
If he knew that the door was ajar and six prying eyes were watching us. Online movie sex free.

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