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But the guy I have not seen, I do not know how he is there.
However, I do not think that he will be lost – he is a strong man, he can stand up for himself.
God willing, will live in the zone until retirement age.

After recovering a bit after a stormy orgasm, we got dressed and went out into the living room.

Lena sat on the couch and watched TV.
But when we entered, she looked at us with frightened eyes and did not even ask anything.
Of course, she understood why her father was closing with her friend in the room, the more she probably heard my voluptuous moans.
But it was difficult for the girl to believe in it.
Lesha and I took turns in the shower, and then everyone went into rooms and went to bed.
That night there was nothing else.
But since then, I began to often spend the night with my girlfriend.
Of course, I told my parents that I spent the night with Lena.
They were not worried, especially since they could always call and check.
In fact, soon I began to sleep in the same bed with Lesha and regularly had sex with him.

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Under Lena, we pretended that nothing was happening, and we never talked about our relationship with Lesha.
I talked to my girlfriend almost as before.
When I visited them, Lyosha and I would periodically close in his room or bathroom for half an hour to have sex.
I was not shy and did not hold back my moans and always imagined how Lena was listening at the door, what we do.
After a couple of months of such a relationship, Lesha came up with a new entertainment: when we had sex in his room, he did not close the door, so that Lena could see us passing through the corridor.
It so excited him that he could finish twice in a row.
At the same time, he fucked me in all the most unbelievable positions.
Sometimes I noticed how Lena was standing in the corridor, and through the open door she was peering at how her father had her friend.
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