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With cautious curiosity, Chantal studied him all, only after a careful examination allowing herself to touch his skin.
Here she touched a short transverse scar on the left between the ribs, lying in the frightening proximity of the heart.
Here her fingers slipped along a large curved scar on a flat, strong stomach, just above and to the right of the navel.

His muscles seemed to her steel, and aristocratically pale skin soft, smooth and defenseless.
A long, even scar from a deep slit wound skirted his athletic torso from the side almost from the shoulder blade to the lower abdomen.

Chantal studied him as well, until her hand touched a strip of soft black hair over the tight velvet pantaloons that were tight against his narrow hips.
The Duke waited patiently, admiring the royal beauty of his young student.
When her hand inadvertently touched his tight member through the tight, tight fabric, he slightly closed his eyes from bliss, allowing her to explore this curious subject.
– I want you to undress too.
– finally she decided to utter, slightly breaking voice.

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“Not yet time,” he snapped, caught her in his arms, twisted her curls into a thick bundle, pulling at them, threw her head back and began to torment her sensual mouth with her lips with greedy rough caresses.
His second hand clenched and stroked her full breasts.
Every time he touched her protruding nipples, she quietly moaned and instinctively bent her camp, clinging to his naked torso, like a lustful street cat ready for intercourse, and not a proud queen, the heir to the throne from the oldest kind of Wafat, ruling in Valararingia already over several hundred years.
Verlaine threw Chantal on the bed, firmly pressed his lower abdomen against her stomach, rubbed about him with an excited member, and showered kisses on her neck, shoulders and breasts.
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