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I continued to lick Yulia’s anus, and she relaxed him, and then I strained my tongue and began to enter their sweet ass.
After 5 minutes, Yulia made room for Nastya, who all the time together with Masha caressed my boyfriend and my ass.
At Nastya, I also licked her sweet pussy and no less delicious ass.

Then also with Masha.
Our oral caress lasted probably about 30 minutes.
It was unforgettable.
But then I got up, put Julia on my back and drove my dick into her pussy.
She began to moan pleasantly.
Masha, meanwhile, sat on her face and Julia began to caress her tongue.
And I took both legs of Julia and began to lick the fingers of her legs.
How I love foot-fetish and oral sex !!! And Nastya from behind licked my balls and my ass.
I decided to change the position.
He lay on the bed himself, my cock saddled Nastya.
Julia began to caress her legs and with my tongue I licked Masha’s entire crotch.
But then I began to roll an orgasm and I quickly pulled out the member, the girls quickly reacted, and their faces immediately appeared in front of my member and I finished on their faces.
They licked every drop of my sperm from me and from each other.
But here I wanted to write.
I used to often think about how it would be great to piss on a girl, and I myself also wanted to pee on me too.
But my previous times were not so perverted.
I suggested that the girls go to the bathroom, to which they agreed.
The three of them sat in the bathroom, I asked them to open their mouths, and then three perverted little angels looked out at me with tongues sticking out of their mouths, and I sent my dick and felt the urine coming to the end of the head. Reallifecam com sex.

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