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There was no carelessness in her look.
And further.
Teenagers are different clumsiness, angular forms.

Mary was lovely.
It showed the special charm that occurs in a small, fragile snowdrop, which broke through the snow in early spring.
Thin as a statuette, a figure, yesterday hidden under an ugly jersey, today, in this simple dress, has found its true feminine outlines.
Only now Alexander fully understood what the major had in mind, saying why the girl was in the detachment.
– Yes.
in the village she is clearly dead, – decided Dunaev.
– Why are you in boots? He suddenly remarked.
“I took the shoes,” she pointed at the bundle she was holding, “then I change my shoes.”
In the meantime.
we go to the swamp.
They moved.
Mary was leading the way.
Dunaev was embarrassed that he was dragging after the girl, but nothing could be done – she was a guide.
They walked in silence.
Mary easily, almost without touching the ground, moved forward.
Alexander, not accustomed to the forest, barely kept up with her.
He was struck by the fact that the girl’s steps were silent, and he now and then crunched the branches breaking under her feet.
Suddenly the marshland has grown ahead.
“Come,” said Maria.
– Now we need to cut down the beds, and you can go.
– We will not chop, – Dunaev smiled, looking into her face.
– There is no ax and noisy.
We chick with a knife.
He cut two poles of such length as the girl showed.
“Follow strictly in my footsteps,” she warned.
– Here the path is narrow.
Slightly in strontium, and uhnete.
And I, perhaps, I will not pull out.
She suddenly looked at him with a mocking look.
The lieutenant was a very tall, broad-shouldered young man of twenty-six.
A simple face with a narrow straight nose, black, short-cropped, sticking out a brush, coarse hair, dark blue eyes with a squint.

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– What? – he was a little embarrassed by her look.
– Pretend whether you can pull me out? – he grinned.
– No, – Maria suddenly lowered her eyes, her cheeks turned pink.
Without another word, she boldly stepped into the swamp.
The lieutenant obediently hurried after her.
And again,

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the girl seemed to float on the green, with small puddles of the surface.
Small legs in large uncomfortable boots almost did not fall into slush.
And Dunaev sank almost to the end of his tops.
Noticing that he was falling behind, Maria went slower.
And suddenly the lieutenant caught himself admiring her.
Yes, coarse kirzaki, simple print fabric dress.
But the girl didn’t need the extra “beautiful”, her charm was literally bulging, coming out of her appearance, splashing out on anyone who looked at her.
The lieutenant stopped, wiping his wet forehead.
– tired? – Maria again looked at him as a test, as if appreciating.
He met his eyes with his eyes and stepped on the spot.
At first he did not understand what had happened.
The foot hit the side of the path and the Dunaev, waving their arms, began to sink into the swamp.
Maria rushed to him, but he stopped her with a shout.
– Wait, ordinary Annenkov! Stand where you are! He was already waist-deep in a quagmire.
– Yes, I will not listen to you! She suddenly shouted and resolutely approached, slightly bending down, extended the bed to him.
Grasping the end, the lieutenant tried to pull himself up, but only pulled the girl to himself.
Small and thin, she could not pull it out.
– Maria, to you.
will have to leave me here and.
– Do not talk nonsense! – dark eyes flashed irritably, thin beautiful eyebrows frowned.
– Do not move! She stood in front of him, biting her lip.
And suddenly she said: “Now I will reach you to bed, hold on and crawl very quietly.”
Maria suddenly fell on her stomach and pulled him to the end of the floor.
Painfully and for a long time she dragged him.
When, finally, he was freed from the clutches of the quagmire, Maria, like himself, was smeared with greenish-gray slurry.
– Here you go.
because of me you are all wet and in the mud, he smiled shyly.
“Nothing,” her lips stretched in a second smile, “there is a little lake nearby.”
Wash off the dirt.
She shook the hem a bit and suddenly laughed.
– What are you laughing at? – confusedly looked at her lieutenant.
– You have a green mustache! – the girl explained, bursting.
– Mustache? – he seemed not to understand her at all.
– Yes from the dirt! Sex and the city hd online.

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