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Therefore, the male half quickly capitulated and retreated to the outside with her manatik, spurred by slapping women’s palms on her bare, wet buttocks.
It was not so hot in the bathhouse, the girls gave in to the steam at the same time as the smoke and we ecstatically surrendered to the village tradition.
It is necessary to be able to wash in a bath in black, judging by all the experience, except for me and the mistress of this building, neither the others had, so they quickly caked.

Walking around with a broom and rinsing around, the girls gathered on the air, and I decided to linger and enjoy the memories of youth.
When the girls got dressed and went into the house I was left alone in the waiting room, decided to take a break and once more, in a calm atmosphere, warm myself on the shelf.
I lay down on the bench and in my memories of the village rest through the silence and the crackling of wood in the stove, I did not immediately hear the whispering behind the wall of the waiting room.
In the wall of the log house there was a glazed window and on the other side of this window, someone made shabby-like grunting sounds.
If I were in a different state, I would explain where to go to the source of these sounds, but some playful interest woke up in me and I decided to play around with an overly curious observer.
There was a mirror opposite the window, and I stood with my back to the window to the mirror.
The lighting in the waiting room was so-so, but from the night side of the street, I think, the view was quite digestible.
Yes, and I was able to see in the reflection of the mirror as the eyes peeping.

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I wonder who it could be? All the men of our company were already quite adults, and they had someone to look at, or who of them had a

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childhood in the priest? I was even funny.
I decided to provoke the little boy and leaned down to the floor as if I had dropped something, putting my voyeur on the ass and even spreading my legs apart.
I did not expect the following reaction.
Behind the wall, a muffled cry screamed.
I wrapped myself in a towel and went outside.
Under the window, something unformed was fumbling, trying to get up.
– Give me your hand.
– holding the towel with one hand, I stretched the other toward the hapless observer.
He clasped my palm with his, she seemed to me downright icy, and I helped him to his feet.
It was quite dark outside, the lanterns in the garden mostly illuminated themselves, but I managed to examine the victim.
They turned out to be the brother of one of the guests, I think Artem, a young man, about nineteen years old.
Considering the time of year, the weather was already far from being old and the guy was just shaking from the cold, apparently he stood on his pedestal under the window, which turned out to be a bucket, long enough.
– So after all, it is possible to die down, – I imagined how his desire to see what was happening in the bath was struggling with the cold and smiled.
– Go into the heat, and then chill everything.
Artyom mumbled something in reply, but followed me to the waiting room.
The guy was quite tall and pleasant outwardly, but in this situation was a pitiful sight.
I even scolded him for his misconduct.
Drooping his head and clasping himself with his hands, he stood in the doorway of the bath and pounded his teeth, toli from the cold, toli from shame.
“Take off your clothes and march into the steam room,” I commanded him in a tone that did not tolerate failure.
– I didn’t have enough of a naughty little man here – the picture will be merry.
The guy first tried to portray the refusal and almost turned around to get out of the bath, but after the words “don’t even think”, he obeyed and began to take off his pants and shirt.
Remaining in his shorts, he hesitated for a few seconds in front of me and went to the steam room. Sex and the city season online.

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