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My dream is my rules).
Two palm trees stretch to the high ceiling of the cave, a hammock is stretched between the trees, a small table stands nearby.
Moving to the island.

A few more preparations – and I’m ready for the warm welcome of the guest.
All darkness floods.
This time, Kate was in black leggings, which were charmingly covered with elastic ass, and in a light T-shirt.
Long hair is braided in a tight braid, so you can see lovely earrings in neat ears.
The girl sat on the sand, even peering into the darkness.
– Is it you again? – the voice is a little scared.
Katya feels the sand around her, apparently trying to find me.
Darkness does not prevent me from watching her lying in a hammock.
– Where are you? – Now in the voice more hope than fear.
It seems that the girl is not against the new meeting.
Katya carefully gets up.
Makes an unsteady step forward.
And here it is in vain, the shore in this place goes downhill.
The step, the foot in the elk slides on the sand, and the girl falls, rolls down and flops into the water, raising hundreds of splashes.
The shore rises above the lake by about 20 centimeters, the depth even at the shore reaches two meters, so the “splash” was loud and was accompanied by a thin girlish squeal.
And some cold water! Katya emerges, gasping for air.
– Help! Coldly! I can’t see anything! – in the voice of this panic.
She doesn’t see anything, her legs are cold, she’s not enough to the bottom and doesn’t understand where the shore is.
I feel how Shiz quite hissed, imbued with this horror.
– Save! – It seems that the girl is desperate, she frantically rushes about in the water, doing several jerks one way or the other, trying to find the shore, but only drifted away from him.
Long and strong stems of vines rush to the water.
The touchy girl screamed shrilly.
The vines dragged her out of the water and placed it on the grass beside me.

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The roots penetrated from the ground and twisted around the legs of the girl, holding her in place, and the vines holding the hands hang over her, not allowing her to move.
I went up to the baby, the whole girl was trembling, convulsive sobs were torn from her chest.
I run across my chest, I feel a wild heartbeat through my wet T-shirt.
Raise the air temperature to 30 degrees.
I pull the silly to myself and whisper in my ear: – I have seen plenty of current girls, but you are the wettest of them all.
Did you miss? – Is it you again? This is not a dream, right? – Katya has not calmed down yet, trying to cuddle up to me, as much as her bonds allow her.
Looking for warmth and affection.
We need to help her warm up.
– Is it possible to

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confuse me with someone? – voiced slap on the pope, to improve blood circulation.
I take thin metal bracelets, snap into thin wrists.
Caressing movements down to the ears.
A light touch and the stones in the earrings blinked mysteriously.
I hold the girl’s face in the palms.
– Today will you be obedient? – I.
I liked it yesterday – trustingly pulling my lips in my direction.
I allow myself to kiss and at the same instant I hang the clips on her nipples.
Katya tries to scream, but now I hold her mouth with a kiss.
The girl responds passionately to me, passionately starts sucking my tongue, massaging it with her own.
I pull her down with strength.
In contrast to the hot air, her wet clothes pleasantly cool the body.
With reluctance to tear myself away from soft lips.
I lift the girl’s face by the chin and whisper, barely touching her tender skin with my lips: “I never got an answer to my question.”
Do you promise to be obedient? – Yes.
– languidly and with aspiration.
– Then do not give up.
– creepers are showered with golden sparks.
Katya can finally make out my silhouette in the dark, and immediately tries to hug me.
In vain.
Bracelets are not simple.
Do not lower them below the level of earrings.
Only the girl put her hands on my shoulders, as an electric shock immediately followed.
These wonderful clips have many great features.
Kate screamed, pulled her hands to the buzzing nipples.
A blast of electricity, a silly woman pulls her hands away from an unexpected electric shock.
Another blow, again pulls his hands to the nipples.
With a jerk I lift her hands up and the current blows stop immediately.
Tears flow from the brown eyes.
– Stupid, naughty kitten.
– I collect salty moisture with my lips.
– And how do you trust after that? – W-zach-what was needed? – in the voice of a child insult.
– You forget.
– strongly squeeze her ass.
– I deceived my trust and still make claims? – I sharply lower the girl’s hands (electric shock) and wring them behind my back, forcing her to bend down. Sex arabic hidden cam.

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