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I lost control of myself, taking her head, I put it deep in my mouth.
She obediently accepted him, sucking and caressing hand.
Having settled down comfortably, I began to rhythmically introduce my dick into her small mouth.

It gave me pleasure to see him disappear in her plump lips, as she carefully wraps them around my head.
I moved faster and faster, she barely had time to suck, but I could not endure anymore.
I grabbed her cheeks and enjoyed the sensation of a dick in her small mouth.
I felt the approach of the sperm and heightened the blows.
Taking her breasts, I quickly moved the member in her lips, and she clasped my buttocks nudged myself to a meeting.
The movements became faster, her breathing quickened, and then, a tight stream of sperm shot into her mouth.
She hesitated for a second, and then began to suck with a vengeance, as if making up for lost time.
My dick cut, throwing a strong jet in her mouth.
And so, the first drops of sperm appeared on the corners of her lips, she pulled away and swallowed deeply several times, and then she laid down and slowly began to lick my head.
I ruffled her hair, stroked her cheeks, rubbing sperm on them.
Finally she lay back on the couch and I collapsed beside her.
As soon as we managed to clean up, friends called at the door.
The shrimp water was boiling, the beer was already cool enough, and we started our little party.
After the first thirst was quenched, the desire returned to me, and when I looked at Vika and her sponge in my pants, my irrepressible member began to throb.
We sat a little more, drank beer, ate shrimp.
There was an awkward silence.
Silence discharged Vika: – Do you want me to dance to you? she suggested.
We looked at each other and agreed with pleasure.
We went into the room, sat on the couch, I turned on the music.
She turned her back on us and sat down.

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In time with the beats of the music, she began to rise, arching like a cat, and soon we were able to see her juicy ass for a second.
She turned to us and began to dance.
Her breasts swayed in time with her movements, exciting our imagination.
She herself liked to look at the effect that her dance produced on us.

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Slowly dancing, she pulled the lightning down and stopped her just below her chest.
In order not to give out excitement, we frantically crossed our legs.
She bent down, showing us breasts with large brown nipples that were covered with juice and barely covered with clothes.
Then she took off her jacket and one shoulder and bared one breast.
We were ecstatic.
Her excited nipple looked straight at us, teasing and tempting at the same time.
Turning her back to us, she was freed from the already unnecessary jacket and sharply arched turned to us.
There was no point in hiding our excitement.
Now it’s the turn of the skirt.
She easily pulled off her panties and threw them behind her back.
All our attention was directed to her legs, to the edge of the skirt, which hides from us the sweet strip of hair on her pubic hair.
She turned her back on us and began to slowly bend down, lifting her skirt with her hands.
We held our breath.
She hesitated a bit and threw her back, revealing her perfect ass and barely noticeable lips.
I could not hold back the excitement and took out my penis from the pants.
Looking at me, they also did two of my comrades.
She slowly approached us, knelt before my friend and pressed his cock to her cheek.
He hastily took it in his hand and sent it straight into her mouth.
She with a force lowered her head to his trunk and began to quickly suck off, skillfully working her mouth over the entire length.
She was kneeling before him and was actively working with her mouth.
I threw off the clothes and walked behind her, sat on her knees under her, and gently entered.
She paused for a moment and moaned, then again, more earnestly, she began to work with her mouth.
I began to slowly put it on my hot dick.
We had it from two sides, she, only moaning a little, continued her movements.
The pace accelerated, I no longer restrained slapping her with all my might.
Suddenly, she took out a member from her mouth, grabbed his hand, and a tight stream of sperm spattered out of him, splashing her face.
Seeing such a picture, I felt the approach of a powerful stream, and having made the last movements took out the member and began to cum on its arched back.
We helped ourselves with our hands until the last drop fell on her hot body.
My second friend, who had been sitting motionless all this time, approached her, picked her up, lifted her up and sat on the table. Sex cam hamster.

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