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But Ruben Artakovich appreciated my attempt, gently stroking my head and saying: – Let’s go deeper, good girl.
Do you like my dick? I had to let the soldier go free to answer: – YES, I like it very much.
He is so huge.

I want to ass.
Please fuck me in the ass, – I begged and again began to blowjob.
Now I quickly moved my head, making reciprocating movements.
His cock slid in my mouth and got wet from my

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The head slammed into the throat, from which saliva stood out even more.
I had to stop, release the penis to swallow.
I was so excited and wanted this hulk to enter my hole that groaned again: “Ruben Artakovich, fuck me!” I got up with a shrimp, lowered my panties and put two fingers in my butt to fuck myself.
After wetting my finger with saliva, I smeared the hole and groaned loudly, whispered: – Look how I want you.
Insert me in the ass, please! – You have not sucked, but already fuck.
“Don’t waste your time, suck,” answered Ruben Artakovich calmly.
“Well dear, now I will show you a class !!!”, I thought, and again sat between the legs of my lover.
With one hand, I gently took the eggs and began to touch them.
He took a member with his index and thumb and started to jerk it off quickly.
My tongue caressed the head, and sponges sometimes wrapped around it and kissed it.
Sometimes the penis fell into the mouth, which moved to the beat of the hand.
Ruben Artakovich rolled his eyes and groaned.

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It was a sign that I was moving in the right direction.
I sucked and licked my dick, quickly moving my hand until I heard heavy breathing, and then the words: “Don’t stop, just a little more, come on, come on!” I put my lips around my head and with my tongue I began to make circular movements.
Another 20 seconds and the first shot began to fill his mouth.
I decided not to take the penis out of my mouth, only slowed down, put my hands on his hips and began to swallow and release the penis.
But the head remained in the mouth and sperm was ejected from it in short portions.
She was thick and salty.
The taste is not the same as Lev Antonovich.
When my mouth was completely filled, I released my penis from my mouth, leaned back a little and opened my mouth.
Trying to not sperm flow out of it, I began to rotate the language thus showing how much of it.
Ruben Artakovich looked at me and smiling said: – Well done, cool suck.
You will make sense.
I lay down on the floor and released sperm over the edge of my mouth, then I collected it with my finger and she was back in the mouth.
“Well, okay, I want to offer you cooperation,” Ruben Artakovich said seriously, looking straight at me.
I again raised myself and stroking him defiantly swallowed the remnants of sperm and said: – You promised to fuck me in the ass.
I want you.
– You know, I only fuck girls, and if you like to fuck you, listen to me.
Here Ruben Artakovich told me about what he was doing.
His business is a network of so-called leisure salons, in other words, call girls.
He told me that recently clients have become interested in boys, but not only women and men too.
Ruben Artakovich spent a long time looking for someone like me, and made me an offer that I could not refuse.
It was as follows.
He finds customers and calls me on the phone, I have to get together as quickly as possible and go to the car where they will come to pick me up.
Then they bring me to the client and I start working, t.
make a blowjob and give in the ass.
After I get the money and go home to the next client.
I was immediately warned that the hour of my services is expensive. Sex full movie online.

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