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She teased, exciteing Gabriel Stepanovich more, as if asking, would he not like to rub the excited “prick” between her swollen and wet lips with an excited head.
The girl brought wet fingers to her mouth and, licking her own moisture from them, it was like an inviting gesture.
Gavriil Stepanovich continued to hold and stroke the sticking member, the plot demanded continuation.

In a strict tone, he asked: “Well, what do you have there to look at?” – Polina, having risen on a small stool, turned her back and spread her widening gap of her slender thighs with her hands.
– See for yourself, because I can not see anything.

Thin still yagodichki, already on the woman’s steeply expanded from a narrow waist to the lower back, swaying in the face of a man.
– Touch ass, stroke it.
For some reason it hurts me and it burns terribly, – the depraved slut fantasized.
Fascinated by the sight of the female body swinging in the face, Gabriel Stepanovich extended his hand to him and put his palm on the elastic flesh.

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Smoothing the silky surface of the buttocks, Gabriel Stepanovich felt the increasing tension in the penis, he sank his fingers into the elasticity of the girl’s body, feeling more and more strongly the growing wave of lust in his body.
The girl, as if in response, stretched her arms back and, seizing the head of a bending man, pulled her face to her ass.
Continuing to squeeze the sweaty and greasy nape of a man who roared with lust, she plunged his face deeper and deeper into the crevice of her backside.
As if Kondraty did not happen to him.
The little man was painfully disgruntled, it’s time to start, – the girl thoughtfully to herself and shook her hand to the table where the bottle of cream had become.
Having scooped on a palm, smeared on the member of the man a cool oily mass.
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