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But you will immediately see from what I will do, how much I sacrifice myself to do good to you.
Having said that, she takes off her clothes and jumps on the bed next to me.
ABOUT! how sweet it is, dear mom! I say, opening my arms to her and kissing her lovingly.

“Feel how hard it is, and tell me right away how to loosen it.”
Well, my dear child, we women are made to beat down a stiffness like this; we have a scabbard to insert it there, and there it gradually softens.
ABOUT! where where? dearest mother, tell me now! She takes my hand and puts it to her vagina, already quite wet from arousal, in which she resides.
There, grope them.
Do not you find the holes? Oh yeah! But how do I put in there ?.
Doesn’t that hurt you? Maybe because this thing you have is too huge.
However, we will try.
I will show.
She turns on her back, spreads her legs and tells: Climb up.
on me and put your legs between mine.
After that, he takes up my wild cock and, wiping his head up and down his lips to moisten him, says: Push it down.
But quietly, otherwise it will really hurt.
To make the role of a novice look flawless

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, I shove, albeit quietly, but deliberately awkward.
And soon I insert at the very codpiece.
Oh! Oh! – she says, when it comes to the cutting, and then she throws her arms around my waist, and asks my legs to the back and asks: Now move your tummy back and forth, all the time pushing it inside as far as possible.

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Only three or four shocks, and I come from a great excitement, in which I remained.
She also freezes, sighing and convulsing.
I am anxious to cry out: Oh! my dear mother – oh! stop! I am dying – I – I – sde – sde – lal.
Her convulsive internal pressures are so delightful that they quickly lift my crackle.
She also seems to have finished and sticks her lips to mine – allowing me to suck up my own tongue in order to ask for mine in return.
ABOUT! What a heavenly joy, my dear mother, I owe you! And you really reduced hardness.
But just feel – he becomes tight again! And you should weaken it again.
Well, one more time! My favorite boy! I will always be ready to do it! But, I repeat, this should be the most sacred mystery between us.
Or I will never be able to do it again.
You can fairly assume that my protests were very strong.
Mom announces: You are a very capable student.
Still would! Four times the showers of my sperm erupt in her foamy and fiery vagina.
Finally she insists: Everything, everything! Get your stuff out! Otherwise, you will damage your health, and such joy you will no longer be available.
Well, I retire, and we lie beside, lovingly hugging each other.
Now it is my turn to express a wish: Can you see the wonderful place that has plunged me into heavenly ecstasies? Ha, here’s a curious baby! – she answers.
– But what you can not do for the kind son! She sits down and starts pulling off her shirt, forcing me to do the same: I am not averse to admiring the uncovered beauty of your figure.
We get up, and she turns in different directions so that I can see the rare beauties of her person – explaining their meaning to me: Here, you see, this is the chest.
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