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And in general, you yourself began to ask me these stupid questions.
– Katya’s voice finally became playful, she took my hand, led me into the bedroom, lay down on the bed and, spreading my legs apart, deliberately pathetic said: – Well, take me, my lord, today I am yours.
Jokes jokes, and her pussy was then quite wet.

The next day Tengiz called again.
I was already tired of rushing between his intrusiveness and the refusals of my wife, so I decided once and for all to break our relationship with him: – Listen, Tengiz, you do not call me again.
I won’t give you Kati’s number anyway, and we will no longer meet with you.
Look for other partners.
– Why others? I liked you, and you liked how I fucked you one by one.
Did you forget, with what pleasure did you suck at me? How did your wife end up on my dick too? – I have not forgotten anything.
But the more we will not meet, we already got into the preplet because of you.
– Wait, in what binding? – You did not protect, and Katya did not protect.
She flew and made an abortion a week ago, – I came up with this argument on the move, thinking that the Georgian perseverance would cease after that.
I would have known then what this lie will turn out for me.
– Abortion? – Tengiz was silent for a moment for a moment, – And why they did not consult me, it also concerns me.
– And you do with it, this is our personal matter.
– Private bussiness? I did not stand next to when your wife fucked.
– So, that’s it, stop talking, I’m sick of it! – We do not stop anything, now we definitely need to meet. Sexy teens hidden cam.

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