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After a few minutes of such actions, Olesya released a member.
“Put me in more quickly,” she cried, “I’m already burning.
Sis quickly unbuckled the belt.

I pulled the shorts and with great difficulty took them off, they were very narrow.
Oleska, like mad, took off her pantyhose and panties.
Her fingers began to pull at her pussy and moan loudly.
I took her hips and raised her legs up, so that the back of the knee was on my shoulder.
Oleska lounged on the table, never ceasing to play with her pussy.
I took the penis in my hand and began to drive them on the lips of my sister.
She exhaled loudly and moaned sharply as I led him inside.
I put my sister’s hands on her stomach and slowly began to fuck her.
It seems that some demon escaped from Olesya.
She randomly stroked her body and squirmed, while making unusual and very exciting sounds.

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I felt that I could not take it for long.
Grasping Oleskin’s thighs tightly, I began to insert my penis more quickly.
A minute later, a demon came out of Olesya, whose name is Orgasm.
Following her, I began to release the same demon.
“Come on now without a smoke break,” I said.
“What a hell a smoke break,” my sister said excitedly, “I still want to.”
Oleska jumped off the table and lay down on the bed.
Then she did what I didn’t expect.
My beloved sister doubled over and threw her legs over her head.
I was impressed by her flexibility and immediately climbed onto the bed and pierced Olesya with my spear.
Taking hold of her feet, I began to insert into her again and again.
And after a couple of minutes, my sister asked for mercy.
“My legs are numb,” she said.
I took a phallus from the depths of my sister and helped me straighten up.

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Olesya lay down in the classic position, and I continued to disturb her volcano.
My sister took me by the shoulders and pulled me to her.
She began to drive a tongue over my lips.
In the meantime, I squeezed my chest with both hands.
Soft and juicy melons were completely in my power.
Without ceasing to move my hips, I began to kiss my sister’s neck.
Vagina quietly squished, my sister moaning softly, I was beside myself with pleasure.
Feeling an approaching orgasm, I began to beat my sister’s pussy faster.
Olesya stopped licking my lips and began to move her pelvis quickly.
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