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In position 69, they received an orgasm after another, licked the organs clean, then they kissed hotly and, without unclenching each other, fell asleep.
Gently embracing her bride, Roman rode with her like a wave in this wedding waltz.
Intoxicated not as by alcohol, as by her charms, his brakes began to fail, and in a dizzying dance, his lips stretched and lightly touched her cheeks.

– What a gallant man you are, Roman Alekseevich, Nastya said with a charming smile.
– Today, for you, I’m just a novel.
– Roman? Funny.
And can you steal me today, and we will continue what we started under the table.
– Under the table? What was under the table? – Do not be cunning, I will recognize you among thousands of men.
You want me the same.
I feel, clinging to my thigh, whispered to him the bride.
– Not now, let the vigilance of the guests and the husband with the boyfriends dull, that’s when you can.

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Nastya always liked Roman, causing immodest desire.
And today, in her wedding dress, she was especially sexy, so he unbearably wanted to fulfill her request.
Wedding feast continued to go on as usual.
Winged Roman never ceased to admire the bride, moving his wife to the background with her monthly.
He could not help but notice that Nastya, too, quite often threw interested looks in his direction, waiting in the wings.
Finally, the guests took the furrow of the board in their hands.
Young people grouped at one end of the hall, and old people gathered at the other.
Each filled himself with what was missing for the whole evening.
Someone immensely drank alcohol, someone continued to dance, and someone was in search of a secluded place.
Alexander embraced strippers girlfriends, and quietly slipped through the door that led from the hall to the utility rooms.

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After a while, a friend dragged the not sober friend to the same door.
And the groom, after emptying the shoes, fell off his head on the table next to the wedding cake.
Tired, Lerochka sat down with the guests over, and talked about something nicely with the women.
Then a man sitting next to the groom’s mother invited her to dance.
He also did not take her eyes off her that evening.
His powerful paws immediately set to work.
With one hand, he began to smooth his bare back, and the other went down just below the belt.
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