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Aunt Gulnara fell to her knees near the sofa, her face buried in it.
She was breathing heavily and unevenly and trembling all over.
From her almost turned out pussy something flowed.

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Uncle Borya appeared again, now he wrapped himself in a belt with a towel, walked past us and took a large, fat, brown, overripe cucumber from the pelvis.
Uncle Borya came back to Aunt Gulnara from behind, something the arm did about her priests, after which Aunt Gulnara fell to the side next to the sofa and started to shake, while Uncle Borya passed us without a cucumber in hand.
The towel deviated from Uncle Bori far ahead; something big was guessed under him and Uncle Boris didn’t hesitate at all.
The next morning, Mishka and I did not see either the car, or Uncle Bory, or Aunt Gulnara.
In my life, mortal boredom has come.
Now I understood what is boring.
As I used to, could spend all day chatting with someone, playing.
I have all the interesting over.
So it took more than two weeks.
One morning, having nothing to do, I went out into the meadow and saw a familiar car.
Immediately I rushed to Mishka and the two of us rushed to our place of observation.
Aunt Gulnara appeared first at the gate.
In her bright dressing gown, but sleepy, she saw us and gave us a hand.

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We happily waved back.
Aunt Gulnara smiled and hid in the house.
Only two hours later, Uncle Borya showed up, he recognized us too, also gave us up and went to the car.
A few minutes later, Victor and Anna came out, the children of Uncle Bori and Aunt Gulnara.
Together with Uncle Borey, they got into the car and drove away.
Aunt Gulnara reappeared, she called us hand.
Mishka and I rushed to her race.
“Uncle Borya took the children to the movies, and then he would take them to the cafe.
Well, suck sisi? “She asked and stretched as if after a dream.
The robe went up, under the robe flashed a white unburned part with a black strip of hairs.
“Yes!” – we almost shouted in unison with Mishka and went to Aunt Gulnara in the room.
There we hurriedly rushed each to his nipple, and impudently, I myself launched a hand down to the pussy.
Aunt Gulnara just chuckled.
After a second, Mishka’s hand came across my hand and we started to crawl Aunt Gulnara gently with our

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fingers in a wet pussy.
After a minute, Aunt Gulnara’s hand penetrated my shorts and felt my pisyun there, it felt warm and tickling all over my body at the same time, I started shaking and slipped to the floor.
When he looked up, he saw Uncle Borya.
Now I was not scared, but I waited for what would happen next.
“And again you prize – ice cream!” said Uncle Borya, and Mishka and I went to the veranda.
No longer embarrassed, we looked at how Uncle Borya approached Aunt Gulnara, turned her booty to himself, took off his pants, pulled out a very large HUI and put it between Aunt Gulnara’s legs.
That knees already buckled, she almost fell on the sofa, but after a moment she lifted her ass and Uncle Borya began to swing and strongly Fuck her with cancer.
Aunt Gulnara groaned, howled, wheezed, while Uncle Borya put her on his LADDY.
Mishka and I stood and watched our mouths open. Trans webcam sex.

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