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Tatiana is still sleeping, with a blissful smile.
She had a day off.
Having looked, at her sprawling, relaxed body on the bed, at her depraved posture, at how she squat a dream radiates a smile, I felt at the moment – how happy I am that she THANK GOD sleeps.

After all, it is only for her to open her eyes, and again and again we will turn the whirl of words of love and hugs and passions.
My own resources have long overstepped all reasonable boundaries.
I only had to, that would neatly undress and lie down next.
SLEEP-SLEEP-SLEEP, just fucking sleep.
The last thing I remember is that I study the wrinkles on the brushes of her hands.

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Yes – Tatyana is an old woman.
But from the back – pioneer.
And then, already squat my dream I remember that Tatiana kisses and kisses and kisses me through my dream.
Sucks my dick.
Here, the bastard – my dick, well, and padla, is my dick as a QOL.
And Tatiana not only sucks him, but also talks to him about love both for him and for his master, t.
to me.
My pens are still taking a dream, caressing and caressing my old woman’s hanging tits and wet pussy.
But I give myself a command – what the hell? Pretend to sleep? Still in the buzz! I craved myself a lecherous woman.
That’s what I got.
Well, thank you, O Lord! The following story will be called: Tatiana.
13th part.
– Yy.
The woman helped Nastya to buy everything needed for a trip to the taiga.
And she said that she would definitely wait.
Nastya got to her home in 3 days.

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But she didn’t find Wergen.
On the table lay a piece of paper on which were written poems for her.
Nastya burst into tears.
But looking for an old man in the taiga is a deadly thing.
Having lived in the taiga for another month, Nastya decided to visit Olga Sergeyevna, to whom she became attached not only as to her friend.
She felt for this woman, something more.
Nastya’s soul was calm and serene when they were there.
Nastya looked at Olga Sergeyevna more than once, at her brown eyes, refined fingers, her big and beautiful breasts, and elastic buttocks when she was taking a shower at the hospital.
Olga Sergeevna had a tattoo over her right buttock, a small scorpion.
Only being in the taiga, Nastya realized that she had fallen in love with Olga Sergeyevna.
She herself did not understand how this happened.
She just wanted to be with her.
Her thoughts were always with her and about her.
Nastya was afraid of her feelings, because she didn’t know what to do or how to be.
To confess to Olga Sergeyevna in her feelings? “But how can she say anything? Olenkak I love you? Brad.
Yes, she will send me and twist a finger at the temple.
Say that I love as a friend? Yes.
What’s next? He suffers all his life, realizing that you can not count on more? No, that will not do.
Okay, I’ll come, and we’ll see.
“Nastya quickly reached Moscow.
She did not call, as Olga Sergeevna asked her, until she came out at the station.
Since she had no one in the huge city, she herself was from Siberia, she decided to call.
“Publishing Sambuk.
Introduce youreself”.
“This is Nastya.
Olga Sergeevna is waiting for my call “- Nastya answered in a trembling voice.
“Wait a minute, wait.
“- answered the voice in the receiver.
Minute silence.
“Nastya! I’m glad to hear you! Where are you?” – Olga Sergeyevna’s joyful and excited voice delighted Nastya.
“I’m at the train station.
Only from the train.
“” Do you have a lot of bags? “” No, one backpack “” Hand it over to the storage room and go to the cafe on the right side of the station.
“Naina” is called.
I will be in 20 minutes.
All kiss.
“Nastya hung up and went to the storage room. Video sex online hot.

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