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“We added this function at the request of one of the customers,” said the manager, “She really liked to tickle the toddler we gave her.
And when I asked why, she admitted that sometimes the baby trickles from the tickle and all the homework from this is absolutely delighted.
So I thought – if you increase the sensitivity to tickling, the child will not be able to endure it for a long time and everything will end in a fountain between the legs.

Introduced into the program “PG” the necessary changes and everyone really liked it.
Because there was a simple way to get the child to write when it is convenient for adults, and not him.
“So this is why our kids often start trickling during washing,” Ksyusha laughed. “Especially the boys.
“Tickling and with big things helps,” Ira added, “She makes the kid relax if he tries to endure.
The head of the department extended her hands to me and began to feel everywhere.
Recalling that I was still lying in one short T-shirt, I blushed deeply and tried to hide between my legs.
“Such shyness,” complained the head of Ira, “We no longer know how to deal with this shyness.”
“It’s really necessary to do something with this shyness,” Elena Vladimirovna sighed, “Sasha must get used to strangers.”
The woman thought for a few seconds.
– You know what? – Suddenly she smiled – Go with him to some crowded place.
For example, in a large shopping center.
Many have playgrounds for children: various slides, labyrinths, a dry pool.
– Which pool? – Ira was surprised.
– Dry, – smiled Ksyusha, – Arena, filled with multi-colored balls.
I think I saw such a playground in a shopping center on Griboedova.

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“Here you are bringing the child there now,” said Elena Vladimirovna.
The head leaned over to Ksyusha and whispered something in her ear.
– Yes, probably without wet pants will not do, – Ksyusha laughed.
Jokingly asking me at last for me to be a good boy and listen to adults, the manager left the room.
“I’ll wear a pantyhose to these pantyhose,” said Ksyusha, showing Ira green tights, “I just don’t know whether to wear a pamper or not.
– No diapers! – cut off Ira, – Is he three months old? At the age of one and a half years, the child should already know what a pot is and how to ask for it.
Ksyusha put me on my feet to wear pantyhose.
Pulling them to me almost to the chest, the girl admired me for a few seconds with a smile.
“Look how pretty,” she tugged at Ira’s sleeve.
– Yeah, – agreed Ira, – These light green tights look very good with a yellow T-shirt.
Ksyusha removed me from the table and put me in a pram.
“First we go to this mall,” she told Ira. “And then somewhere else.”
Walk with Sasha before lunch.
Nothing in this weather to sit in the room.
The girl quickly turned the pram and rolled it to the door.
Since that time, due to work, I could not fully enjoy our endeavor with Lena.
Of course, she found herself a peasant about once a month, who fucked her well, and then told me all this in detail.
Yet it was not something to see with my own eyes.
So it was until the recent incident.
Work diminished, so I had more free time, and my wife and I decided to go to the club.
We both didn’t know how it would end, but at my request, Lena was dressed quite frankly: black sexy thong panties, a black tight mini and a top on ties, which covered almost nothing, leaving the back, shoulders and upper chest bare.
During the camp, Lena received a call from a friend who, having learned that his

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wife was going to the club, also wanted with her.
Lena, covering the phone, looked at me inquiringly.
And go together.
I will be nearby, – I winked.
Lena immediately understood what I was hinting at.
But we wanted to rest.
For me it will be the best holiday.
Yes, and for you, probably, too, – I did not give up.
Well, if you want it that way.
, – beloved smiled slyly.
A few more minutes were taken by conversations with a friend and light makeup, and then, finally, I am bringing Lena to the entrance to the club. Webcam mature ohmibod.

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