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I have to admit, there were several other plans besides tea, and, as it seemed to me at that moment, he mentally separated them.
I opened the front door, and in an instant the thought flashed through my head to shut the door in front of him, and then suddenly open it and drag him by the collar to the apartment

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, stripping him on the go.
But then he came for me, and while I was closing the door lock, he himself lashed out at me in a passionate kiss.

Since this was exactly what I dreamed about a second ago, my excitement was not long in coming, and we quickly began undressing each other, throwing clothes right in the corridor.
I must say that the door to the bedroom is located directly opposite the entrance, so we quickly found ourselves on a sofa, which, by the way, was spread out and spread out.
We eagerly kissed, not looking up from each other, then he began to caress my breasts, lick the nipples, going down below.
I began to moan slightly from pleasure.
And now he has gone down the tongue to the bottom, from which my sighs have become deeper.
ru) Caressing my clitoris with a tongue, he put his finger inside me and began to move it.
I was already exhausted from desire.
Literally a minute and he went into me with a sharp movement.
He was on top, and I hugged him with my legs.

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He moved very quickly, going deeper and deeper into me every time.
From what I quickly finished.
But he did not think to slow down the pace, lifting my hips higher, continuing to stick me on his dick standing.
Then, with a powerful movement, he turned me over and placed cancer in front of him, after which he entered from behind, showered his back with kisses and grabbed me either by the chest, then by the tummy, then by the long hair back.
Less than five minutes I finished the second time.
Tired of such stormy caresses, he lay on top of me, without reaching for a member, and we lay there for some time in silence.
After that we went to the kitchen to have a snack, chat, have a cup of tea.
After dinner, returned to the bedroom, a little lie.
But as soon as I lay down on the sofa, he immediately took possession of me again.
It was just unforgettable.
He fucked me in various poses in which I also had the opportunity to be active, or just grab him by the testicles.
Then I got on my knees, and he caressed my tongue from behind.
After I sat on top, and began to move on it.
He bent his legs at the knees and began to move towards my movements.
Feeling like a rider, I screamed with pleasure.
He squeezed my chest with his hands, held his waist, his ass.
and then suddenly I felt like he put a finger between my buns, from which a shudder pierced my whole body and I ended violently.
Apparently, this fact also got him very started, and after about fifteen seconds he finished.
We decided after a hot sex to take a shower together.
We never did this together in this little shower.
As it turned out, not so closely.
We bathed each other, rubbed a sponge, kissed under warm streams of water.
could not tear away from each other.
After getting out of the bathroom, an interesting idea came to my mind.
I quickly recorded the first porn from the laptop with the laptop and turned it on on the TV in the bedroom. Webcam sex teen tube.

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