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“Please help out, only once,” he sat her down on the sofa.
With uncomprehending eyes, Svetlana looked at Edward.
In them, only cold and not a bit of passion.

Oh! How she waited for this meeting.
What, in a short time he lost interest? “You understand what’s the matter,” Edward hesitated, he did not know how to begin.

– Jack has arrived.
We need a con- tract, but he does not make any concessions.
We need a contract like air.
But in such an interpretation, we cannot sign it.
“But how can I help here?” – You have to persuade him to do it.
Sign how profitable to us.
At the same time he loses nothing.
Just rested ass.
Feels the power and our helplessness.
There is such a breed of people.
They enjoy the powerlessness of others.
– But how can I persuade him? Svetlana looked at him with incomprehensible eyes.
– Do you think that I can do it? -Yes! Only you! Do you remember how he looked at you at the last visit? He was lost next to you.
And now everything is interested when you come.
And we miss the contract, the chef will not forgive.

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You know what he is.
– Edward stopped short.
– As long as I can’t influence our boss.
His appearance in the company is not an accident at all.
What do you think, Petrovich himself retired? However so.
– he got up, lit a cigarette.
-And Jack is a womanizer.
We need to make it powerless.
He will not resist the female charms.
You can do it.
-Do you suggest me to go with him to bed? – eyes round with horror, Svetlana slowly proclaimed.
– I’m a married woman.
There was a sin, I changed my husband.
But, I’m not a whore, – she looked into the eyes of the boss with a wrecking look.
He was embarrassed, looked away.
-No, I do not propose.
I myself am all this unpleasant.
But, the chef will stop at nothing.
He knows about our relationship with you.
-What? – Svetlana jerk rose from the couch.
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