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He kissed me hungrily.
His tongue eagerly pushed into my mouth, Mine danced against his as I willingly gave in to the insistence of his soul-kiss.
I felt that weakness again in my knees, the same as I had felt with Jack only a short hour or so ago. Xkisskissxz canada girlsex.
Jack had also invaded my mouth too.
The similarity and differences were illicitly tantalizing.
I loved it! I felt the warmth of arousal spreading through my body, especially in between my thighs.
Rob broke our kiss and worked his mouth down my neck to my breasts. Dating customs in asian countries.
He sucked my nipples, just as Jack had.
It sent the same electric jolts through to my clit.
My legs automatically spread in anticipation.
I had to fight the yearning to take my own fingers and push them into my sex. Swinger fife ozona.

Anything to soothe the burning fire already consuming me.
Rob continued downward, kissing my tummy and mound.
This was different.
Jack’s needs had overwhelmed him and he had taken me with his big cock directly after sucking my breasts. Alpha-alexxx free couple cams.
Rob was intent on something else.
Rob now slid his body between my legs, compelling me to spread them even wider.
He looked at my quim, feasting his eyes and missing nothing.
He looked up at me, “Baby, your pussy is so swollen and red!” Then he looked down again at my sex. Dating serious man.
I felt him draw a finger from the bottom of my opening up through the folds of my vulva lips.
With it, he pulled the combined juices of Jack and me up and across my clit.
I was already so close to an explosive orgasm. Amateur webcam dildo.
Rob scooched down further so that his face was parallel to my pussy.

It gave him the ability to use the fingers on both hands to spread the lips of my vulva.
He was looking right into my love-tunnel.
One part of my mind was apprehensive about what he must be looking at after being so ravished by Jack. Spying on my neighbor naked in the shower.
Surely Jack’s sperm was still seeping from my love-hole.
Plus, I knew I was swollen down there.
I could feel the engorgement of my lady parts quite well.
Another part of my brain revelled in the tantalizing depravity of what Rob was doing. Big big boobnude girls pic.
My devoted husband was between my legs examining my used pussy after making love to another man.
My carnal desires won out.
If it was possible, I would have gotten my loving and kinky husband to crawl into my soul through my pussy. Golden shower on r kelly.
I spread myself as wide as my legs could go.

At that moment I pleaded to Rob, “Please, baby.
My pussy is all yours.
You can look and feel it as much as you need.
” Then I felt his tongue touch me just above my love-tunnel, right on my urethra opening. Malchikboy25 rossia video seks.
He dragged his tongue upwards and swirled it around my clit.
God, I love this man! Rob pushed a finger into my pussy and licked up my slit again.
I felt him feeling around inside me, as though he was exploring for differences that Jack’s cock might have created. Comic strip supergrass.
Then he added another finger.
He used both of them to rub the anterior wall of my vagina, exactly on my G-spot.
I never felt so open and exposed, yet I wanted and craved that vulnerableness with Rob.
My body drove my hips up to meet his fingers and tongue and open myself completely to him. Champions virtual date fitness harrisburg buddy.
Rob ripped my orgasm from my used cunt.