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Spurt after spurt splatters against the roof of my cunt.
I’m still squirming and screaming on top of him, my cunt squeezing his cock, trying to draw out every last drop of his sperm.
Candy comes too and manages to squirt a few little drops of piss into my mouth before we all collapse in a heap. Muscle men butt fucking.
Daddy takes us out to a local pub for lunch and pretends to be angry when I squeeze his cock under the table.
“Take it out Sandy,” giggles Candy.
“Give him a blow job.
” I start to unzip him slowly.

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” I pout at him and sit back sulking.
“We were going to give you a girly-girly show as well when we get home.
” “Oh yes, I’d like that baby.
” “I don’t see why I should, though.
Now, all I want to do is suck your cock, daddy!” “You can do it at home and I’ll even come in your mouth, deal?” I pretend to think about it for a minute, then I giggle.
” Candy leans over to me and whispers so that daddy can hear as well.
“I’ve got nine joints in my bag.
” “Great, we can get completely stoned on them.
” “And there’s a new bottle of vodka as well,” adds daddy with a grin.

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