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I stood there, moving slowly side to side, so they could get a better idea of their fullness and weight of my firm DDs.
At that point my tits were only about a foot from their faces.
They continued watching as my breasts shook and quivered in front of them, and Donny spoke up saying, “My oh my, Peggy Sue, those are some fantastic boobs. Married charvil guy wants to eat your.
I’d be willing to pay twenty bucks to feel and taste those big puppies, and I’m betting that Cody would be too.
” I stood quiet for a few moments to tease them a little, and then moved side to side between their legs to give them the hint to move apart to give me room to sit between them, as I said, “Okay, boys, give me room to sit and show me your green. Triitonking jasmine chat sex room online.
” They each gave me a twenty as I sat down, squeezed tightly between them, and I looked over at Jessie as the boys fondled and rubbed my breasts before leaning over and latching onto my areolas and nipples with their mouths.

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Jessie was watching intently as he rubbed his pants over his swollen cock, and the sounds of the boy’s sucking and slurping filled the room.
It was so erotic having my husband watching and rubbing his cock as his friends devoured my breasts, and I was even more turned on by them sucking me so aggressively. Virginia hot sexy porno.
I held their heads against me as they suckled my breasts, and I was moaning and slowly gyrating my hips Cody and Donny were getting turned on and breathing harder, especially after they heard me moaning and felt my movement. Niagara dating sites.

I soon felt their hands between my knees, slowly massaging my inner thighs as they moved closer to my pussy.
I wanted badly for them to rub my pussy, and I knew that I could get more money from them.
So I leaned down and kissed each of them on the forehead before teasingly saying, “You naughty boys are sucking my tits, and now it seems that you want to rub my pussy, which is very wet right now. Aquarius man aquarius woman dating.
For another twenty dollars each, you can finger-fuck my pussy too.
” The boys reached into their pockets and each pulled out another twenty, without even pulling their mouths off of my breasts.