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My mouth salivated as I stroked it slowly.
I turn to stare at Chad; his eyes following my every movement.
“Lick him,” Chad whispers, as if stuck in a trance.
I stick my tongue out and lick the head of the strangers cock and he groans. Twink whore blowjob cock and interracial.
His pre-cum is salty, doesn’t taste as good as Chad’s but I want more.
I let my tongue slide from the base of his shaft, to the very head before taking him all in.
He groans again, in pleasure.
I can hear Chad groan in sweet agony too. Teen fucked teen japanese.
I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of a strangers cock in my mouth and my boyfriend’s groans of agony and pleasure.
The stranger’s hands come down on my head, holding me in place as his cock hit the back of my throat, making me gag.
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Suck my cock!” the stranger bellows as he pulls my head up with both his hands before pushing me back down on it.
He fucks my face for a few more minutes then pushes my head away and smiles as he sees drool and pre-cum hanging from my chin, dripping down to my breasts.
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Isn’t she a beauty?!” he muses out loud.
Fuck! Get your pretty little pussy over here! Let’s perform for your boyfriend!” he commands as he grabs my foot and drags me to the edge of the bed.
“Ready for the fuck of your life, pretty girl? Lagos dating site. I’ll fuck you better than your boyfriend has ever fucked you,” he promises, his eyes gleaming with excitement He spread my legs and holds them up in the air as he thrust his hard prick into me.
I scream in pleasure, my eyes on Chad as another man fucks me.

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He is excited, turned on, and in sweet agony.
His face shows it all.
“Look at me bitch!” He leans in and grabs a handful of my hair before tugging it roughly to make me stare him in the eye.
“You don’t get to look at your petty boyfriend while I fuck the shit out of you, understand?” His roughness turns me on, his cock hitting my cervix made my body tingle with intense pleasure, and being made to stare at him as he fucks me, is pushing at all the right buttons. Hot ladyboy anal sex with cumshot anal adult video.
My mouth opens to tell him to fuck off, but he takes that moment to stick his tongue down my throat.
I moan as his tongue battles mine.
“Unghhh! Oh god! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I moan uncontrollably. Swingers in tumby bay.
“Yeah, you like that? You like how my cock is stretching your tight pussy? Hm? Fuck, you’re so tight!” He grabs my hands and pulls them under my thighs as he pulls me towards him and pounds into me harder.

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I am screaming and moaning, staring, as if I am hypnotized; his cock is going in and out of me at such a fast speed.
My stomach muscles tense as I feel my orgasm slam into me like a freight train.
I throw my head back and scream, begging him not to stop. Sex dating in angier north carolina.
My breath comes in short gasps and my body feels like a puddle of goo as he flips me over onto my stomach.
“I’m going to fuck you nice and hard in the ass, and you’re going to love every second of it,” he tells me, grabbing a bottle of lube out from his pants pocket. Grindcoree indonesia live webcam streaming sex.
He squirts the cold liquid onto my ass and slathers it around.
I squirm and moan as his hands brushes my tight star.
“Have you ever been fucked in the ass by your petty boyfriend?” he asks, pulling my hair back to make me arch.
“N-no,” I whisper, and wince as he sticks his fat thumb into my ass.
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