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But then something has switched in my mind – I wanted movements, I wanted to podmahivat, to at least once feel like a female, the only purpose of which is the desire to give all your holes to a hot, tense, wet phallus.
I even regretted that I had so few holes.
In obedience to this insanity, I began to make attempts to move, which in my posture was not entirely comfortable.

Alyona gently stopped it and began to dance the flesh herself.
I don’t know if I have erogenous zones there, but it was brutally good for me to feel her flesh move in me.
It was especially nice when she got out of me completely and gently reinstalled me on her instrument of passion.
The most delightful feeling is when the head just touches the anus, with a little tension is pushed deep into the moment when it is completely inside and when it comes out of the “shackles” of my butt, which is accompanied by the squishing sounds that are characteristic of copulating with a woman who flows from arousal.
Probably, it is not for nothing that they say: “The main erogenous zone is the one that is hidden on the shoulders under the hair and bone cover.”
The pace increased, Alena, judging by her appearance, too, was excited in earnest.
And everything was burning there and this heat spread throughout the body.
In front of me was a beautiful woman, with a beautiful face, resilient breasts, who “impudently” fucked me with her real member.
Awareness of this fact was the last step to the monstrous orgasm.
Seeing the first shot of my seed, Alena squeezed my cock into her cam and started to give it away, leaning low against my chest, she tried to catch droplets of my moisture by directing the stream into her mouth. Anal sex online.

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