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I did not name names for obvious reasons.

“From session to session, students live happily.

And the session is only twice a year.
“Why did I have fun all year long? Happily after the summer session, in the fall I was put on the preliminary list for expulsion.
Before signing the order on expulsion, it was a week, and I have seven “tails”.
It was impossible to leave this list, and I didn’t want to throw out four years from my life either.
I was lucky.
All the “tails” were on the same department, profiling.
The department was a good person, with whom it was possible to agree on “sponsorship”.
Moreover, all the teachers already knew that I was working on a different profile, and did not cling to me very much.
I poured out my soul about my hard work, Head.
The department agreed to help me for fitting bricks to build an additional wall in the laboratory.
The institute in which I studied was at the plant, so there was only evening classes.
Institute for youth working in the same factory.
The plant was falling apart and the institute survived as best it could. Beach nude spy cam.

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