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The rest of the way to my house we go in silence.
I reflect on how a wise colonel was right: the whole world now seems to me as if lying on a palm, simple and understandable.
I am a little over 40 years old, I look good and I like women a lot.

But men hardly like me, because it is big, hairy and with a little extra weight.
And it confuses me, because one of my strongest desires is to feel a member of another man in my mouth.
Yes, I had a small homosexual experience in my youth, then somehow everything went away, but now I would not refuse to resume the experiment.
So my story will be about how it happened to me for the first time, right after graduation.
My friend Mishka entered the first year of the institute, and I had already flown with the exams and was preparing to go into the army.
Probably, many people know this cud with tattoo inserts.
If you wet the skin and attach such a liner, then a beautiful and not washed away tattoo was imprinted on the skin.
Once, Mishka was my guest, we sat in my apartment and chatted about all kinds of nonsense.
I remember, then we talked about masturbation – discussing who and how masturbate.
I must say, then we both just took the first steps in sexual life and willingly shared their experiences.
I do not remember how, jokingly, not jokingly, but I suggested that he make a translator for a member.
They laughed, word for word, but Mishka is standing in front of me, his pants are unbuttoned, and a dick is hanging out of his pants.
For some reason, it didn’t even really excite us then.
I took a carafe of water, wetted my hand, crouched in front of Mishka, took his penis with this hand and gently rubbed the water all over my skin.
From this member instantly swollen and no longer hung, but cheerfully stuck out.
It was at that moment that I wanted to take it more tightly, pull off the skin and lick the head.

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That’s right, all of a sudden.
But I did not know how to do this – I did not know how Mishka would react.
On the standing member, I put a tattoo

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card, instinctively away from the head and closer to the root.
Strongly pressed, cupped his hand and held it for a minute.
The bear was silent and only snuffled.
I didn’t even know if he liked it or not.
Finally, the picture was transferred, I removed the card, and a dagger entwined in a serpent appeared in all its glory on the sticky member.
The bear looked at him and asked why I translated the picture so far from the head.
In response, I unexpectedly even for myself took his dick, said: “And this is why!” And in one motion I put the head in my mouth.
The sensations were indescribable.
I had a dick in my mouth! This male member! I did not feel any unpleasant things – there was no smell, taste, too, but here is a hot live member in the mouth – it was cool.
Teddy slightly ofigel, but did not move away.
So we continued.
He stood and did not know what to do, I squatted in front of him and sucked his dick.
A couple of minutes later it dawned on me that the door was not locked, and at any moment my parents could enter.
That would be a spectacle.
So I pulled away from the teddy member, got up and told him to fasten his pants.
Mishka buttoned up, looked at my slightly bulging pants and said: “Show me!” What to show? – I did not understand right away.
“Well, show me,” he put out his hand to my pants.
– Like this? – I pulled the gum down a bit, showing the very edge of my member Mishka.
Bear tried to pull the gum down my pants, but I pulled away.
“Wait,” I said.
– Not now.
I will show, you will want to touch, take off my pants, I will get up, and then someone will go.
Let’s wait while nobody is at home.
Then you can completely strip me.
And if you want, I will put on women’s clothes.
The last phrase escaped by itself.
Sometimes, when no one was at home, I climbed into my mother’s closet, took out her underwear, put it on, put on her dresses and walked around the apartment.
Sometimes he slept in her shirt, sometimes even the store went to her underwear clothes.
The bear was once again taken aback, but said nothing and soon left.
It would have forgotten this story, but soon my parents really left for a few days.
I did not immediately decide, but still picked up the phone and called Mishka.
– Listen, my left, come today.
In my intonation, Mishka immediately understood what I meant.
– Ok, I will be there in 10 minutes.
– How can I meet you, naked or in female clothes? – I asked.
Mishka hesitated and squeezed out with difficulty: – Naked.
But for some reason it seemed to me that he liked the second option more. Best way to get sex online.

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