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maybe she’s even prettier.
– Very good.

Polina felt that Sveta’s fingers, the one she had known since childhood and loved as a sister, were now squeezing and twisting her nipples with pain.
The girl through her showy tears meekly looked at the Lady, and in response received a look that penetrated into her soul.
She felt as if she had become a slave to the eyes of the Lady – she felt that now she would melt from the watchful direct look of the Lady at any time and every time.
The guest slowly raised her right hand high, without hesitation loudly slammed the full cheek of Polina’s left cheek, then abruptly grabbing her hair, not allowing herself to recover, strongly jerked as if shaking the head of a rag doll.
– Dull lustful trash! – the guest screamed in the rage.

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“You don’t know what it means to be a slave?” Did you forget all the Internet stories I told you to read? You do have to meet me on your knees, kisses my legs! Standing with a flaming red cheek in the hallway of her own apartment, with torn nipples and with her arms still open, Polina did not express any indignation at this attitude to herself, on the contrary, in her eyes there was only plea and despair.
– Forgive the Light, I’m very stupid.
so stupid.
– Well, so do what I said! – an icy tone, not obeying obedience ordered blonde, let go of her hair, imperatively pointing with a finger, with a nail covered with black varnish on the floor.
Polina quickly got down on her knees.
On the hands and knees in front of another woman, with her ass in the air and her head pressed to the floor, she feels like a real slave.

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Her vagina flowed heavily.
She began to smack the lips of her ex-girlfriend’s shoes.
– Something is wrong? – Svetlana sarcastically said, as if reading her thoughts.
– Yes, they are dirty.
Straight from the rainy street.
Like the taste of slavery, rubbish? This is dirt! Real dirt! Okay.
Enough, ”the woman said imposingly.
– Did you finish when you played with me before my arrival? – Not.
How did you know? I would not dare.
you banned
I just wanted to.
be more excited.
to go for things that I usually don’t do.
– For example, how now? The girl nodded.
– Well.
Your Mistress will punish you for the fact that without asking you touched your vile pussy.
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