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Go there, take care of you.
I entered the castle, as if in paradise.
The floor is laid with multicolored marble, snow-white curtains are hanging, the sufas are covered with silk carpets! I was amazed at such wealth, and walked very carefully.

Having reached the middle of the castle, I saw my children.
I am Raushan Naufalbek, we are Naufalbek, we have the custom, enthroning someone to fulfill the wishes of worthy people.
You came to us, and we decided to help you.
Slaves, maids, gold and everything else you need will be delivered to you by our trusted people! For seven years I have enjoyed life as in paradise.
But my wife all this time tormented me with questions, where did this wealth come from? And one day, I allowed Satan’s temper to blossom in myself and asked myself the question: is there anyone more notable than me and why should I keep the Padishah secret? Cam 8 sex.

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