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Flax, especially do not stand on them, do not give them the slightest descent.
I’ll talk to Olka later on.
The girls began to punish slaves, they mocked them for about five hours.

After finishing the torture of slaves, Catherine learned from Olga about her accounts, agreed with Lena to go to the notary in the week to arrange her house and cars.
Saying goodbye to Lena, she got into the car to Ira and went to start a new life.
Chapter three
All slaves – in the scrubber! Prepare scissors, razors and epilator! Before bathing – complete epilation !!! If you work uncleanly, you will also undergo complete epilation! – threatened and viciously ordered Matron.
The girls, not being embarrassed at all, took the guys to the inner courtyard, where the

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shower was located and there were several tables, on which the slaves were ordered to lie on their backs, to cut the pubic zone, the perineum and to treat them with a powerful epilator to prevent body hair in the next six months.
Probably it would be ridiculous from the side to observe how the young man submissively pulls up his knees, opens his armpits, pulls out his ass and crotch so that the girl first shaves off the curly vegetation and then treats the entire surface of carefully concealed places with a liquid, like a deodorant.
The “treated” slaves then fell into the hairdresser’s chair, where an experienced young slave deprived their skulls of every kind of hair.
Naked and unburned skulls, brilliant from the solutions of the body of slaves – gradually fell into the shower, where, along with the solution of the epilator, the remnants of hair were completely washed away, for a long time depriving the body of its recovery.

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The washed ones stood at attention, waiting for the treatment of all the unfortunate.
An hour later, Matrona appeared in the front garden still with the same whip and, for the purpose of striking, he tangled on the back of the gape and the newly minted slave who had not taken the respectful position.
The guy howled in pain, a pink streak formed on his body from the blow of a sophisticated lash.
– If I hear a scream again, you will receive ten such blows! said Matron menacingly, sparing however the guilty one this time.
The rest are frozen in suspense – what else is done differently, as the Mistress wants? – So, slaves, – forget that you once had clothes! Regardless of the weather, the ambient temperature – you are FORBIDDEN to wear at least some clothes! If I see attempts to hide behind objects – you will be severely punished! No self masturbation !!! Seen in violation – in the punishment cell, in the machine of exhaustion of the flesh !!! (then you will find out what it is who will break) – Matron said threateningly.
– Now go to the classroom, where they will conduct an introductory lesson.
– Tomorrow, at 6:00 all rise! Seen in laziness and negligence – under a cold shower !!! – The daily routine is uncomplicated for all – for slaves and slaves !!! No sexual harassment of my slaves! Only with my permission and under my control! Is everyone clear ??? – Yes.
there was an uneven rustle of voices.
All for today.
I remind you – the working day begins immediately after the morning feeding.
Personal hygiene is strictly necessary! You will be informed about the punishments in the introductory lesson.
– With these words, the Matrona withdrew, and one of the older slaves commanded the order to follow an introductory lesson.
Chapter Four
The lesson of “acquaintance” consisted of studying the mass of prohibitions, the mass of orders, which should be obeyed without question.
Any senior slave, not to mention free gentlemen, has the right to order and demand the execution of an order.
For non-fulfillment – the slave must be punished, although in the case of a slave, there is the possibility of an appeal to the free owners (the servant of the mistress and her numerous relatives). Cam sexy girl.

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