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Denis watched the whole procedure with a sneer.
And Alex explained: – It is necessary to reflash the personal disk of the model before switching on, otherwise it will again consider me the enemy to be destroyed.
– And that each such robot has its own personality disk – Lavrov asked with a shadow of malice – Yes, – as if not noticing a smile in the words of a friend, Telegin replied – this is the basis of the model’s consciousness (he tried to avoid the word “robot”) it contains both the “false” memory of the model and all the personal characteristics of the artificial girls.

That is, all the information, what qualities, what level of development each model should possess.
It also stores data about the owner of the model.
A personal disk may be supplemented by new information, but the essence remains always.
Unless of course do not flash it in your own way.
How did Neumann.
– And you are trying to bring everything back – still not

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doubting, Denis asked. – Yes, something like this – answered Alex, not looking up from the monitor, which was already followed by a lot of numbers, diagrams, charts and statistics.

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In principle, he didn’t understand anything about them, but judging by the program, which didn’t betray any errors, Sophie’s flashing process went smoothly.
So, soon the girl will return to her sponsor, the host, and will not pose a threat to him in the role of obedient toys Neumann.
– What does this beauty feel now? – Lavrov’s voice came again – I think that nothing.
I now work only with her personal disk, without turning on the device as a whole.
That’s when the program finishes its work, we can reload the model.
– I wanted to see it.
– Required.
– Well, everything seems to be.
– Alex saw that the program had finished the work on updating the software – now Sophie can be turned on.
– And she will not threaten you? – I hope – Telegin chuckled.
He carefully disconnected Sophie’s hand from the bracelet.
– Look and do not be surprised at anything – he solemnly announced, touching the singer’s little tender ear – Easy to say – and although mistrust still reigned in Denis’s voice, what was happening began to tense up her eyelids throbbed and she, without opening her eyes, curled up in a ball, tucking knees to the chin.
All this was done so naturally that even Telegin, who had switched on the model a second ago, could hardly believe that he was in front of a robot, and not a living person.
Then Sophie opened her eyes and stared at the guys with a blank look at the robot.
Gradually her eyes filled with meaning, and after a few minutes the doll was already sitting on the edge of the bed – Hello – Alex smiled at the girl.
Denis also tried to portray something like a greeting.
– You know me? First time sex movie online.

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