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A minute later, Peter wanted to fuck this leggy bitch.
He gradually began to drive up to the girl, trying to make a good impression on her and receive her favor in return.
And when, at the second hour of the holiday, she was merrily and Peter was already stroking her legs, Sergei whispered in his ear: “You are more careful, it is rumored that she has a clap!” Peter sharply pulled her hand away from the smooth and delicate skin of the girl.

Peter never used condoms, considering that this is an unworthy occupation for a man and more like a masturbation.
Pushing his organ into a juicy and wet vagina, Peter was always confident in the cleanliness and decency of the girl.
Today, he wanted to make an exception and have sex with at least someone, and thanks to Sergey, who returned his brain in time.
“And nah.
p did you bring

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her then? ”he was indignant, taking him aside.
“For myself! She is fucking awesome, so twitches and squeezes a member, that you end up like a machine gun! ”- Sergey answered calmly:“ Yes, I don’t use preziki, unlike you, an esthete! ”Peter had already decided that his hope to pamper his boyfriend with a female cave was broken , but then he noticed that one of the girls was sitting somehow apart.
Almost does not drink or eat, and all the time something whispers to his girlfriend.
Peter came a little closer and heard: “Marina! When will we go home? Tomorrow I shall pass the test on the mat, I have to go to bed! ”And Marina answered her friend:“ Yes, soon! Still a bit, let’s sit and go! Look, what boys are great! ”But the girl did not share her views at all.
Throughout it was clear that the girl was given this event, and she didn’t like it at all, just like the guys.
She became especially worried when Sergei took Lika somewhere, winking at the rest of the party.
With that, Lika went with a clear desire.

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The guys already sat down at her and tried to start a conversation and start a conversation, but she picked them off, someone with words, and someone with a look.
“Hello! I’m not looking at you like that at all? ”The girl heard a voice next to her and turned her head to see another gentleman.
“I see that you are not drinking and sad.
Don’t you like such holidays? ”Peter asked her.
“I came here for a friend.
More precisely, she dragged me out, because I spend the night at her house, ”the girl calmly replied, trying to show that the conversation was over.
And let’s try to cheer you a little and make the evening not lost! Will you give me one chance? ”- he slyly smiled and asked Peter:“ By the way, my name is Peter, and how are you? ”“ My name is Ira, but I think you shouldn’t amuse me, ”the girl snapped.
“Do you know what your name means? Peace and tranquility! And you’re so angry, not good! ”- said Peter:“ You do not lose anything, giving me a chance.
I will be pleased to talk with you.
Just without any nuances there! ”Irina was surprised that the guy knows the meaning of her name and it bribed her.
“Okay! If you are so well-read, then try to cheer me up, ”Irina replied, feeling that in vain she said that.
But a minute later she forgot about her negative attitude towards the guy and by the very evening.
Peter, who knows thousands of different tricks and illusions, instantly captured the attention of the girl, showing her some not tricky “magic” transformations.
Irina was already smiling and clapping her hands like a little girl, rejoicing at how cleverly the guy fooled her.
“And now, I will show you that I have hands better than metal detectors! Here’s a coin for you, hide it anywhere on your body, and I, without touching you, will find it! ”- Peter announced the following magic and turned away.
The girl, intrigued and wishing to make the task more complicated, hid the coin in her right ballet dress.
Peter stood quietly, turning his back to her and waited, looking in the mirror, hidden in her palm, where Irina hides a coin.
“Done!” Said Irina and the guy, turning to her, rubbed his palms in a picture, rubbed his fingers and placed them at a distance of two millimeters from her head and began to “scan”.
He drove his palms around his head, neck, then held them next to his shoulders.
The girl thought that at the hands of Peter go warm and gentle waves.
It seemed to her that he was touching her, but that was an illusion.
The guy honestly performed the task.
When his hands were right in front of her chest, Irina, unwillingly, straightened her back and gave her bumps forward, and when her hands “scanned” her heights, the girl experienced a very pleasant feeling, as if the guy really stroked them. Free adult lives sex webcams.

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