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Barely holding back the moans, Alexander closed his eyes, he wanted to growl at his best, but circumstances favored the opposite.
Sensations from the come orgasm tore his chest apart.
The final, really, turned out unusually bright.

It was as good as if for a moment he looked into paradise.
When the jolts of sperm being thrown into Lerochka’s mouth were silenced, and the chest stopped ripping apart from the survivor of bliss, he opened his eyes and stared at his partner.
She had already slipped her lips from the sticking out member and was looking anxiously at her husband.
Amusingly swollen cheeks and blue lips from compression, more significantly testified that the whole portion of his seed still lived in her mouth.
Judging by the facial expression, Lera puffed up to convince herself of the need to swallow the contents of the oral cavity.

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She did not spit unpleasant liquid, and did not run to the bathroom, waiting for her husband to thoroughly discharge in her priest.
The novel made some more smooth movements, and its member began to fall off.
The tight little ring, pulsing from a rolling orgasm, began to shrink rhythmically, squeezing a faded appendage.
And when his pipette had thoroughly left its hole, Lera turned on her back.
She took a desperate sip, and grasping a half-empty can, began to greedily drink up her beer.
Practically frustrated, Roman looked with regret at his fallen pisyunchik.
The turbulent events of the past had a negative effect on his manhood.
In desperation, he got up, and allegedly went to the toilet, so as not to show his weakness.
On the contrary, a member of Alexander stuck out like a cudgel, showing off a red-lilac head, gleaming from its own seminal fluid and female saliva.

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Lera immediately drew attention to this.
She was still eager to get her vaginal orgasm, discharging a day in various ways.
In the long wait of her husband, she began to realize that he was filled with her, and went to his bedroom.
Long daring to offer this to a friend, Lera still found the strength to talk to him about sex.
– Shurik, that he is so tense with you, it seems that the veins are bursting now, and that you have not been satisfied yet.
– Yes, I somehow was not completely discharged, it was inconvenient for me to finish there.
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