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After that, he began to kiss with kisses the inner side of her thighs, gradually approaching her crotch.
The girl closed her eyes, with her head relaxed, you can now lie down quietly, entrusting everything to your slave.
For him, and so it will be a great honor to lick my vagina, she smiled.

Soon, my lips touched the soft buds of the girl, licking them, I began to gently kiss, feeling the smell and spicy aroma of Helen.
I imagined how nice it was for her to start that day.
Yes, and it was fun for me to start this morning, doing cunnilingus girls.
True, she was not just a girl, but my lady, and that all changed! In this body, her arms, legs, so much power is concentrated, which completely deprived me of the slightest resistance.
Having played with these sexy petals and teasing her clit, I pulled out my tongue, gently becoming penetrate deep into.
I liked her smell.
Probably every slave should know how his mistress smells.
And this smell was incomparable.
It seemed to be on a subconscious or animal level.
it was the smell and discharge of your hostess, I reminded myself.
this is not forgotten.
Lying on the bed, Elena simply enjoyed according to her status.
She didn’t care now, her slave was just doing her job and her assignment, and for her it was an ordinary and everyday thing.
It was unusual to feel that I already know Helen’s vagina, its curves, its structure.
Even the taste in my mouth was already familiar to me.
Probably every slave should have a good look at such a responsible and intimate place of his mistress.
It was important to the slave, I thought so.
For about ten minutes I worked without a stop with my tongue, lips, and even my nose.
I felt how exciting her body was trembling, how her pussy was throbbing.
At these moments you really realize your important place for the lady that you can give her pleasure and enjoyment by her actions and caresses.
I would do it all my life, and already subconsciously knowing that I could not stop until she told me that.

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Sometimes you feel such a lack of will, like a robot, and not a person, executing only its commands.
It was unpleasant to realize that you stop thinking, and you become her animal simply or by some means at hand.
She thinks for you, makes decisions,

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can punish, and can have mercy.
You only have reflexes and human need, the rest is almost entirely controlled by it.
It was necessary in any case not to give in to this urge, I decided, otherwise she would make of you what only she wanted – without her opinion, without the desires of a person.
Although I am her slave, but I am a man, I am smarter and stronger, I thought.
And even if alone with me in her hands all power, all the same it will be impossible to change me.
“Okay, slave, for now, stop.”
– A calm and quiet voice ordered Helen.
– Bend your knees and Lyazh now on your back.
Reflecting on what she invented and wanted this time, I turned over and took the position that she ordered me to.
The girl stood up and leaned on her hands on all fours.
Spreading her legs, she looms threateningly above me.
– Above! – demanded mrs.
I just moved up, placing my head between her legs, looking at it all from below.
Her round, smooth thighs were on either side of my face.
Figuring for herself that she would be comfortable, Elena began to lower her pelvis on me, trying to get her pussy on my lips.
Some excitement and apprehension engulfed me in those moments.
The hips and legs of the girl seemed to me so powerful and large, from which I could not go anywhere.
Pressing my head down, Elena gazed between her legs with a serene smile.
She began to rub her crotch on my lips, nose, cheeks.
The lady began to crawl and move back and forth, leading her vagina all over my face.
Having played enough, amused and having fun, Elena finally calmed down.
“Okay, slave.”
Make my bed, fix up, then take your place! I don’t need you yet.
– Ms. gave the order.
When she left, I stood up and bowed my head, holding her so until the girl disappeared.
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